Hello! I'm Lance from Philippines

I’ve been lurking here for awhile, finally decided to introduce myself when I found out I wasn’t the only one from PH.

Just five years ago, I would scoff at tablets (in general). No way are they gonna be anything but niche, I thought. Well, being a software developer for some five years (and counting), I saw firsthand the rise and stay of tablets, and of course, experienced a sharp drop in my free time. The large, can-do-anything laptops I bought and believed in just doesn’t do it anymore - too heavy, too thick, not enough juice to last even a third of the day, and for what? Browsing? Writing? The occasional gaming and software development? It was time for a change.

I forgot where I heard of Eve V (my vague memory points me to a comment in an article about Surface Tablets, possibly TheVerge), but I’ve been looking for news and reviews of it ever since. Full props to the guys who thought of and made this; I haven’t been this excited for tech since I got my first laptop, and I can imagine it as a true companion device.

I’ve been reading the latest One Liner Updates, and I have to say, good work on keeping the community in.

Now… I wonder how to get one…


Welcome… I’m born in PH, but resides in HK…

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Err - where is PH? Philippines?

HK well known as is UK

Sorry for the confusion. But you guessed right. I’m from the Philippines.

It says so in the name of the thread :wink:

And welcome @zack_falcon! :smiley:

I edited it to avoid further confusion.


Aha, I see.
Well never mind then, @SteveYork :stuck_out_tongue:

Random Q but why so many Philippines singers entering UK X Factor?

Welcome btw!

First of all, Welcome to the community!

Sign up to be notified at https://eve-tech.com/pages/i-want-one/ or keep an eye on the forums to see when Eve will be opening the public web shop. Once it’s live, simply go online and buy one!

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As for the singers… I truly have no idea lol.

Thanks for that. I signed up awhile back. I understand those who aren’t early birds could go on the webshop to buy (when it’s available and in stock), but I’m more concerned about payment and shipping.

Welcome to the eve community @zack_falcon :blush:
I myself am born in the PHL, but now living in AUS!
Mabuhay :philippines: and g’day :australia: to you!

Thanks dude! Good day to you too!

Hello and welcome !! Don’t forget to throw your 2 cents in on the development of the new up coming projects to come !
Currently the community is throwing around ideas for a dock but their is more to come !

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