Hello From The Portuguese Guy

Hello Everyone! First of all my apologies for starting with questions on other topics and not introducing myself in first place! Next I want to congrat everyone that made this project real, I found this too late to be helpful but will try to help as much as I can in what comes next! Found this project a while ago on Linus channel, and just now I’ve decided to enter in this community, this appears in a time where I’m thinking about getting an good tablet for school(where I’m studying Informatic), and expect to have my V as early as It’s possible.

P.S: Thanks for the portuguese from Portugal layout too! You are amazing guys! :grin:


Welcome to the community :grin:
It isn’t mandatory to introduce yourself here. Anonymity is a choice.
I didn’t bother to introduce myself for months :joy:


Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay here, and l look forward to seeing you and your thoughts when the development starts on the next big thing.

There is a difference between anonymity and not introducing oneself. I have never posted any introduce yourself post (disregarding my CM announcement), yet have most of my personal info posted here, so I am in no way anonymous.

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Valid point @nawthor :grin:
It’s been a while since I filled up the personal info stuff :wink:

Welcome to the dough.community!

Thanks to everyone, just thought it would be better presenting correctly to the community :grin:

Welcome, i thought i was going to be the only Favio in here. Bem-vindo!

You are not the only Portuguese here! Welcome! :slight_smile: Eve’s guys were kind enough to accept our requests for a Portuguese keyboard and so we have it :smile:

Enjoy the community!


Olá tudo bem? Greetings from germany, I’m currently learning portuguese, nice to see people with my name :wink:


Hey! Glad to see more Portuguese guys here hehe. Besides you (@Fabio_Silva) and me of course there are at least two more portuguese people @AfonsoHG and @Hige :slight_smile: We have a whatsapp group (because why not?!) so tell me if you want me to add you :wink:


holy cow, i hadnt been anywhere with more than ONE Fabio at a time. lol. Now im Cuban but i speak Portuguese as well.

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Obrigado! (Thanks!) But I’m Fábio not Favio :sweat_smile:

Always nice to find more portuguese people, sorry for arriving late but at least you guys were able to get the keyboard in portuguese so i gotta thank you for that. Thanks!

Sim obrigado! (Yes thanks!) It’s nice too know that there is people in Germany with my name too :grin:

Hey! Actually wasn’t expecting to see more portugese people here! A whatsapp group of portguese guys on eve community? Well why not!? :sweat_smile:

Well I wasn’t expecting many portuguese speaker but finding this many Fábio’s is something I really wasn’t expecting, we should deserve an special edition of V with our name :grin:


Send me a pm with your details so I can add you :wink: if there are more Portuguese people I’ll be glad to add you too!! :slight_smile:

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Bem vindo!

Welcome aboard!


Count me in as one more Portuguese guy to the group…