Hello from Singapore

Hi guys! This is Crys from Singapore, and after almost a year of stalking reading this community I thought maybe it would be nice to be involved.

So here I am! I’m in the LE batch and waiting as patiently as I can for my shiny new V to come replace my older laptop. Hopefully in time for a course I’m attending mid October because my current build lacks the 16gb ram required for running multiple VMs.

Also, first time in any kind of forums so please guide me along! m(_ _)m


Hi Crys (cool name BTW) welcome!

Enjoy the grand prix this weekend, go Lewis!!

Hi Hi! Am from sunny Singapore too! crossing fingers about getting it by Oct too!!

Hey welcome Crys, kinda jealous would love to be this weekend in Singapore because of the Formula 1 GP.

Hiya @kazenoaki! :slight_smile:

Great to have you here! In case you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask we don’t bite :smiley:

assuming you’ve searched the forum first…!! hehe


Welcome at the Eve V home. You’ll find many rooms with different settings, have fun!

Hi Folks,

Jimmy from Singapore. Typically we avoid the area where F1 is held, as the traffic is horrible. Or…maybe it’s just me…

Hi Jimmy,
Welcome !
The F1 is over, time for the V-ly cirquit race :hugs:

Anyone from SG who got the flash sale?

Me ! Now the wait begins… :upside_down_face:

Hello Folks, Sham here from Singapore. Been stalking this forum for a while but anyways, here my first post.

Managed to order my Eve during the Flash sale. Pending delivery on Jan/Feb 2018. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. :grimacing:

Just thought I’d share my excitement counting down the days… :joy:

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We are growing in number. Lets teach them Singlish and make them all speak that way!


Hey wicked!! Yea I Guess we are really growing in numbers by the day!! Hopefully we all can gather one fine day for a meet up with our Eve tablet along :joy:.

Eh don’t like that la, teaching them Singlish Don’t pecah the English language lei…hahaha


Lolx. Didn’t realise there were so many Singaporeans here. This thread was so quiet for so long!!! Heya!!!

Hi wsaenot!! :grinning: yea at times I wonder how many singaporeans there are on space … let do a roll call :joy:

Haha +1 to roll call! And +1 to eve meetup lol. Is anyone still awaiting their V arrival?