Hello from San Francisco

I am another Peter - currently working as IT Administrator for a well known photo product company. So, fixing computers and networks (mostly just entering my password and watching progress bars fill up) is my life.
As I mentioned in another thread, I’ve been searching for the right device for many years, spending lots of money on various devices. Nothing really satisfied me, perhaps because I am very picky but now I think that perhaps no manufacturer actually builds the devices that their engineers would want!
Back on topic, I happened to see the Indiegogo campaign of the Eve V while the Limited Birds were happening. I couldn’t believe I just happened to find it in the very small amount of time it was available! I literally took my wallet out of my pocket and threw it at my screen (at the time, a Dell Venue 11 Pro) and shouted “Take my money!”

I really enjoy the community-driven decisions about the device and the mentality of the company Eve-Tech. Even though I was scared that I was a little late to the forum during that time, it turns out there was nothing to fear because there are a lot of guys here like me who wanted a device that they were unable to find anywhere else, and they steered the decisions (in my mind) to the right places!
The V tablet has everything I want in a tablet thanks to all you smart guys, the @Creators ! I will definitely shop the tablet around to my company, because I think it would work great for the people here too.
Additionally: If the @Team needs personnel to provide support in the Support forum, I’ll throw my hat in to the ring as a candidate - just let me know.


Welcome to the community Peter! Glad to have you onboard :grin:

Hello Pete! Welcome, looking forward to having your contribution in the community :)!
All the best!

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Welcome! I grew up in the Bay Area (East Bay - El Sobrante). Living in Texas now, but i do miss that weather!

Thanks guys!
I’m a transplant to SF, but ever since I visited for the first time several years ago, I considered it the place I will some day end up.

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