Hello from Ohio

Not sure if I’ve ever been this excited about a piece of Hardware.
I think the allure of being one of the first is exciting.
kinda like when i got my first commodore 64. i was one of the few in my neighborhood. and i felt special.


Welcome to community! Great to hear you are excited. We are super pumped too about shipping!

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You found the best place to be :open_mouth:, Welcome Welcome

Wow, that is a blast from the past!

I remember a mate of mine back then had one and he had a football game on a cartridge that plugged into the back. The first (and only?) hybrid computer / console?!

Not the only one, but probably one of the few. My old Philips P2000T had two slots for Videopac G7000 game cartridges, though we only ever used the cartridge with Microsoft BASIC on it. All the games we had, had to be stored on mini-casette tapes.

Then again, with the modern console generations being based primarily on x86 CPUs and compatible hardware, having access to browsers and other such features… They’re all hybrids now!


Some of those time things are sill around:
On a help line somebody complained about a blue screen. Everything the help guru proposed was without effect. At last he asked" What kind of computer you have ?"
Answer: “Oh, a Tandy”
Real life story, happened about 5 years ago. Source: the help guru.
off topic: yeah :hugs: