Hello from Macau! (China)

really like to keep updated in the current tech news, found the EVE V in some website and as it was announce as a better alternative to the surface, I jumped onboard in the second batch.


Welcome to the community!

Tks! I actually wanted to have the EVE V by August since I am going on a trip to Japan in the first week of September…oh well, I guess I stick with my Xiaomi airbook 13 inch…for now

Welcome also from my end!

And I’m sorry to hear that the delay affects your trip plans. Airbook 13 does not sound like such a bad travel buddy though :wink:
And based on everything I saw, read, heard, the wait should be more than making up for it.

I bought the Xiaomi laptop by impulse actually, I have already decide in the Eve V but didn’t wanted to pass the opportunity to try that laptop as well. fortunately I got a buddy from Mainland who helped me buy that, aside from the windows being in Chinese, everything else is swell!

Tks for the welcome! I really like the process in here, read about how of the ten of thousands of people from the community, only a few hundred turns out for the polls so I though maybe I should log in and try participating more in the threads :grinning:


Welcome to community! Awesome to hear from you!
Have you heard about screen apparel V is getting?

And we’ll be happy to get your input… Welcome to the community!

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tks! saw the issue regarding the screens from the vendor and since I live near China, I think I can understand your situation. China is known for shady businesses, where the QC is almost non existent, most companies will sell you on their goods and the samples they offer are always good enough, but once they convince you to invest, they mostly cut cost in either material quality or manufacturing process, of course if they dont decide to just run off with the money and leave you hanging