Hello from Guernsey

Hello all, my name is Sam & I’m from a tiny island called Guernsey. I work in financial sector & am looking for a device that will be able to use daily, whilst in the office (hopefully with a docking station & external monitors) & whilst travelling for work – I’m hugely excited for the V, something that seems so versatile (especially when considering the cost). Originally, I had intended to buy the Surface 4, or Surface 5 upon it’s release, but I stumbled across the IndieGoGo campaign and I’m yet to look back – the collaboration between the Eve team and the community is incredible and I have been blown away by the amount of time that the guys (and girls) at Eve have dedicated to answering questions, getting feedback and providing updates, it’s a model that I hope other game changers/industry disruptors will adopt in the future.

Nice to meet you all; don’t change a thing.