Hello from England

I am a lucky one. A few hours ago I was three clicks away from falling down the surface hole and never making it back up. Then I found the eve. Oh how fate works. To all those who helps design this product hats off to you.


Welcome to the community! Glad you found Eve! You can see everything in the current project status at the latest community update:

Ello, fellow Englishman here, you from the north or south? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ello I’m from down south

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Ah booo! (Yorkshire man here) :slight_smile:

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Great to hear. York is one of my favourite places. I was born near Hull, but live in Suffolk now. Good to meet you everyone.


Hi, London here!

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Yup, being in London, isn’t north, south, east or west, it’s a place of its own! hahaha

I’m from Hull, East Yorkshire :slight_smile:

'ello there matey!

A dual citizenship holder living in both Cambridge and Seattle depending on where I need to be for my job. I do prefer the UK over the USA :slight_smile: Currently in Cambridge for now…

Cambridge is really nice how is Seattle I’ve never been there?

I know Hull quite well. I lived there for a year, just off Beverley Road. Spent a lot of my youth in Spiders and LA’s (probably showing my age now!)

I used to DJ at spiders and my uncle was head doorman at LAs :slight_smile: had some good nights in both!

Apologies for the late response mate. Seattle is also really good. I highly recommend visiting it if you get a chance but if you do go to the US then there are other places you should visit or also visit.