Hello from Denmark from a new V owner

Hello there,

I’m an avid crowdfunder (having backed over 50 projects so far) from Copenhagen in Denmark.

I have a small YouTube channel where I try to make videos about campaigns I have or am backing, as well as whatever else I find of interesting tech. Most are reviews.

I found the Eve V on Indiegogo, when I was looking for a new laptop, and was considering the Surface. Instead I decided to go for this one instead.

Sadly I had to wait a loooong time to see mine, but I just got it the other day, and so far I am very happy with it :slight_smile:

I have a small first impression video up on it here: Eve V: First impressions are good - YouTube

Looking forward to using it much more, once all is installed that I feel I need to make it my main laptop :slight_smile: