Hello from a new fan! 4K Spectrum Reserved!

Howdy everyone!

My name is Andrew and I am in the Midwest USA. Just preor-…I mean…RESERVED my 4K Spectrum. Very excited to get my dream battle station one step closer.

Bit about me, I am a console gamer primarily, novice Twitch streamer, PC game a little bit, and work from home as an independent outside sales rep, in the winter sports and climbing/hiking industry. I am not the most techie person in the world, but can at least figure out most things. Excited to learn from all the smart people in this community.

Was interested in the 4K for the new PS5 coming out, as well as a new PC I am in the process of building. Really hoping the team at EVE can figure out how to squeeze the HDMI2.1 in there, to make the most out of the newest consoles hitting the market. The 4k for sure seems to have everything to make it the most feature packed out there, at a great price.

Again, thanks for having me, and excited for the new monitor of my dreams!


Welcome to the community! We’re very glad to have you here! Great to hear you reserved the Spectrum, the value is honestly amazing, especially for the $K model considering the prices of other 4K monitors in the market which cost over $1000


Exactly! In New Zealand, the cheapest 4k 144Hz model XG27UQ is 1400NZD, which is equivalent to 853USD, and it is a 2-year-old model. The Spectrum is compelling in terms of price.