Hello everyone - Sasha here

Hi, I’m Sasha, 20 year-old from Seattle!
Super excited about the Spectrum. A couple of years ago I was looking for exactly this monitor: 1ms IPS panel in 1440p at 144 Hz. The Spectrum exceeds it by going up to 240 Hz, so I quickly preordered two. I’m also strongly considering getting a Muse when it’s available.



I was originally very happy with the original project but after seeing the insane value of the 4K monitor I decided I wanted that one. I did consider the 240Hz model but my PC can’t really go that high (not that it can run the 4K one fully lol) and I’ve been using 60Hz panels all my life so 144Hz will be a great upgrade!

I’m really liking how Muse is looking and really hope we get an update soon!


A fellow Washingtonian…welcome! Great to see more people around here following Eve. I went with the base model which will be a huge step up for me. I’ve resisted spending money on a new monitor for years but the price was low enough to convince me it was finally time to upgrade. Very excited!

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