Hello everyone. Introducing myself

Hello everyone. I have been hanging around in here reading for a number of months now. I can’t remember where I actually learned about the Eve V - probably as I was falling down a YouTube rabbit hole one day. In any case, I jumped in on the 2nd flash sale (I guess?) in mid December - i7/16GB/512GB edition - and then decided to actually join the forum. I’ve learned a lot and, admittedly, I thought about asking for a refund after reading a number of the issues (cracked screens, audio issues, pen function issues, keyboard issues, touch screen issues, excessive battery drain in sleep mode, etc.) some were having. I resolved for myself, without knowing exactly how many units have been shipped to all the early backers, that this has to be a small group of ‘unlucky’ individuals who are receiving defective devices and experiencing many of these issues. While the number of issues could be statistically significant right now due to the small number of units in the wild now, I’ve decided to have a little faith that the V team are working hard to make improvements where possible, and then I see the community is so engaged in helping one another. This concept brought to life by the V team and now finally realized by all of you kickstarters and early backers is really amazing. Congratulations!

Honestly, I purchased a V more out of curiosity than necessity. I currently use a Surface 3 (with LTE), Surface Pro 4 (i5/8GB/256GB), and Late 2016 MacBook Pro non-TB (i5/8GB/256GB). I figured I ‘might’ be in the market for a new Surface in 2018; however, the lack of a Thunderbolt 3 port had given me pause. So the V’s inclusion of TB3 port, keyboard and pen ultimately won me over and here I am.

I am looking forward to receiving the V I ordered - whenever it arrives. And I’ll be buying a dbrand skin as well. How awesome is that?! But which one?! Too many choices. :crazy_face: This is an interesting and very active community. While some members seem to be very over the top in their posts and responses (my opinion), I’m glad that you all have been holding the “V” team’s feet to the fire. Big promises made about the hardware during the process, development and now during the ‘reveal’ should be met by non-wavering high expectations by all backers and new buyers alike. (I still think some of you might be a little bonkers though. :smile: ) After all, don’t we want them to succeed and make version 1 the best it can be as well as create even better versions in the future?! :star_struck:

Anyway, while I may not post anything until after receiving my V in a few months, I’ll be around several times a week to see what’s up. Cheers!


Welcome to the community! Glad you’ve learned a lot here, I had the same experience. Hope you’ll be able to give good input on future products as well.

Dang, you own a lot of devices!:astonished:

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Welcome Rockdawgusa!
No need ti describe this community, you know it already, the fun parts, the interesting parts as well the less fun parts.
My V arrived a little more than a week ago, no major quirks nowhere.
You will like your V for sure!


Might I ask what country you’re from?
Glad you liked it here so far :smile:

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I wrote USA, then I couldn’t submit that as it didn’t meet the 20 character minimum. :smile:

You may try the famous (?) 2020202020 prose. :star_struck:

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so that’s what that means! :rofl: I learned something new today.