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Hi! I’m new here and I joined to see what’s going on, and if it’s worth to put down the money for the Spectrum 4K. I am a bit anxious about it, having heard a bunch of stuff here and there, but I hope this community will help me decide!


I dont see the harm in putting down $100 if its refundable and the benefit is getting a lower price. I chose the 1440 240hz tho


I was hesitant too, but I wound up reserving three of the 4k units. We are being told that reviews from independent third parties (e.g. youtubers, including confirmed Linus Tech Tips) will be available prior to us having to make a final decision on whether to take shipment or cancel and get a full refund.


I"m also on the fence about pre-ordering a Spectrum. If I was going to get one, I’d get the 4K 144 hz one. Also, I would like to see reviews of it first, and It will have to be better than my Asus PG279Q. I also sold my rig a while ago, so I don’t need a new monitor right now. But, for $100 to reserve it now, when it comes sometime in the next few months, I would need it to go with a new gaming rig.

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Yeah, if you think about it, right now one would save about 600 euros (with Italy’s Amazon prices) compared to the LG 27GN950 and you’d get more stuff too. But still, at the very least I am optimistic about this one, as it seems to be the exact monitor I wanted. We’ll see.

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A few people here have mentioned thinking about it and getting a refund if you decide to cancel, but I just came across this post on reddit from this morning, which is not encouraging: https://www.reddit.com/r/evev/comments/joicsu/eve_spectrum_refund_delays_is_exactly_how_v/

TLDR: someone is having trouble getting their refund processed for over a month. Anyone know why that might be the case? Or how to flag it to someone on the official Eve team to address ASAP?

I know there’s a ton of bad blood between Eve and the general tech community given its history - I happen to still believe in its future promise - but seeing posts / experiences like this doesn’t help the brand and IMO should be prioritized to be addressed, otherwise new folks won’t have any trust in placing a pre-order.