Hello every one, from Italy

I’m here hoping to put my hand on the perfect tablet, but i had few question about…
My school just started and was about to buy a surface pro but i found this “thing”.
I wuold like to now how much i have to wait to buy one and how much i have to collect (money) to buy one…
I can wait like 1 or 2 months but i need it before i start projects for my school.(that’s why i needed some thing like surface)
Are there diffrent tablet or its just one thing for now…
And would they deliver it to Italy?


Hi Tech1,

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Maybe you can give some further information about yourself?

Here you can find the answer to your questions. Most things aren’t possible to determine exactly, but it will be explained there. Try to use the search option first next time :wink:

I heard of someone paying about 1300 Euro for the top model including stylus and panel, but I don’t know how trustable that source is and it also was before the new display was ordered (click the link for further information). Because of the new display it will definitely be more expensive than planned before, but hopefully will cost less than the Surface. And possibly (and I believe in it) the Eve V will be even better than the surface. So my advice: give it a chance and wait until it comes out :slight_smile:

Greetings from Germany, Ferdinand

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Hi Tech1, yeah per the link above you’re looking at best guess end Nov, early Dec for shipping right now

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