Hello Eve community

Hello community, I’m Jimmy, a senior engineering student from the USA. My research interest mostly centers around CAD, assembly coding, and mobile development. The idea of making a computer based off public feedbacks caught my eye on YouTube which brought me here. However despite the passionate community supporting eve, I still have a few hesitancies preventing me from making up my mind about the V. These hesitancies being, how well does the V run on IDEs such as amtel studio, android studio? How well does the V run on CAD, such as Solidworks and inventor? The Y series cpu in the V brings up a lot of flags in my mind.


Hey @Fisem, welcome to dough.community!

The V wasn’t designed for heavy CAD workloads and the like. But then again, I doubt any 12" device really is! So it’ll never run as well as it’ll run on a purpose-built desktop or a bigger, heavier performance laptop. But it’ll always be smaller, lighter and more portable. How the pros and cons weigh up against one another, that’s all up to you!

Once the V goes on sale, there will also be (a lot) of review units sent out. There should be plenty of professional opinions and benchmarks available on which to base your purchasing decision. And of course you could always ask around the community, to see if someone who already got their V through the pre-order campaign has any experience running your intended software on it!

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Going from experience with a (bear in mind super early) prototype (I did not test development on my later prototypes): The V handles coding pretty well - no major issues on that, except some bugs that were specific to my prototype and not related to coding itself (some weird screen issues).

I was also concerned about the Y-Series, but usually the CPU is idling most of the time anyways so coding is a good example where the Y series can show it’s advantages - high power when compiling and low power draw when not :wink:

@Helios yes, i understand the extreme portability brings trade-off on the limitation with CAD, however I will mostly use V as a meeting, presentation, notetaking device; have a heavy duty desktop for hardcore CAD. My question really sums it down to "if I build all my CAD assemblies with my desktop, then transfer the files to the V, will I be able to present my CAD project with the V in a short meeting that last up to a hour?

@iKirin thank you for the insight. Have you tested out any emulation (such as embedded system emulation or android emulation in android studio) along with coding? That’s exactly my hesitancy, how the V would run in a debug cycle with emulation that can last much longer than a conversational test driven development?

No, I have not - but given that a try, but given what I’ve seen on the performance of the V up to this point (and what is possible and we’re looking into right now) I’d put it pretty much on-par with the Surface Pro i5 (2017). :slight_smile: