Hello eve community!

Hi! Ian here in Taiwan. I am having fun reading the posts about the #evev design and how the people take part in its development. Also, I like how the ideas of functionality and portability were incorporated with the design of #evev! Good job #eve people!

Tbh, the keyboard with changing backlight colors and the “oops” button were so cool!! Hahaha


Welcome to the community! Glad to have you here! 歡迎歡迎😂

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Welcome to the community @iandominic. The V’s keyboard is also one of my favorite aspects, especially the BT capability. Can’t believe Microsoft didn’t think of it years ago for Surface.

P.S. On second thought I realized it is highly likely that they did think of it and chose not to implement it. But hey, this is why a crowd developed product is so great!

Absolutely right @Skimaster!!! A product is sure amazing when it accomodates the consumer’s wishes!! I wish there would be more tech products like the #evev where they would ask for the opinion of the cosumers!!