Hello, Dario here!


Dario here, a new designer in the team :slight_smile: you might have seen me being mentioned during the DD project since I have been helping Mr.X in the process flow and supporting with some visuals and so on. I am now fully on, before I was in stealth mode to learn and see more how the community works :wink:

Something to know about me is that I have background in product and industrial design, and overall I just love to make new things and build cool new processes. Can´t get enough of that feeling of coming up with a good solution to solve a problem :heart_eyes: and I feel we share this passion in here!

I the past few years I have been working mostly in designing accessories for phones, tablets, etc since I was lead designer in Mozo, as you might remember from the sleeves project!

Just tag me if you have questions or there is something you like to share with me

By the way now this is my all time new favorite emoji: :gorilla:


Officially welcome to the team Dario! :smiley:

It’s great to have you here & work with you :slight_smile:


Welcome to the team Dario! :gorilla:


If you manage to get leather and wood somewhere on the dock (Mozo-style) I’ll buy it without needing it :smiley: :gorilla:


Hey man. As always, amazing to see people responsible for product here.

Hope the future will bring us even better things.


Warm welcome to a great new V member!

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Welcome, great to have you here and thanks for the believer mail today. I get used to delays with eve. Good things need their time!!! I’m looking forward to a long time here with all of you…

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Thanks for joining the team Dario! Keep killing it with the infographics. Also…

Can we all refer to @Xinjie exclusively as

from now on? :grin::grin::grin:


Welcome man! Glad to have you here can’t wait to see what you bring to future developments

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Welcome Dario =)

Thks for the mail today really appreciate it !

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Awesome! Great to hear you’ve joined the Team. Looking forward to the future!

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Great to see the Team growing for the exciting future.

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well, as you like :sunglasses:


Hi @Dario and welcome to the Community. In response to your invite to share things, I wondered if you’d seen my idea here: Kickstand Attachment for Comfortable Lap-top Use and if you had any comments?

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Thank you! comments on the thread :gorilla: