Hello all! I just made the switch to EVE.

Basically, I’ve been monitoring all the latest news for upcoming monitors that will release in 2020 and I finally managed to nail it down to four companies out of nine, Asus, Dell, Benq, and EVE. I do a lot of Video Production, Photography, and I play games so I needed to make sure my homework was done.

After countless hours of researching and comparison, I found that EVE presented a quality list of specs and features for the right balance between quality and price for Video Editors, Photographers, and Gamers as a whole. No other company could match the 4K 144Hz spec sheet without removing “must-have” features or increasing the price to include them.

Not only that but when I read this statement on the main page of the website, it really helped me solidify the move to EVE after all the research was done.

“Because @TristanSchaaf didn’t want to settle for anything less than the best-in-class panel for his work as a web designer. And neither did all the other video editors, 3D designers, and photographers who need color accuracy and wide gamut.”

In ending, I purchased two 4K 144Hz monitors from EVE today and I look forward to showcasing later this year with my Ultimate Workstation build. I hope you all enjoy your monitors as well that you ordered. Cheers!


Glad to have helped :smiley: and that was before I joined Eve in a official capacity!