HEB m3 impression

Been using my m3 for a few day now. I am coming from a dell latitude 7275 m5 8gb 1080p 256gb.
-the keyboard is much better to type on. the feed back from the keys make me think i am a better typer. there is some flexing with the keyboard in the propped up position, but only when i am pressing hard with like 20 lbs of force. =)
-the rgb backlight is nice. had to search the forum for instruction on pairing the bluetooth keyboard.
-track pad is pretty good. i dont have accidental click like on my dell.
-screen is awesome. never had a screen this good.
-the speed is decent with web surfing and homework.
-i might have to get a microsd card to expand the storage in the future.
-dont use the pen, but it is working.
-battery is pretty good. getting about 6-7 hours on screen with 40% brightness, web and youtube usage. i think windows will calibrate a bit the more the system charge and discharge. that is how my dell behave. could just be my imagination.
-the front camera is no good even for skype. too much noise. if the front and back module are the same, i would suggest switching them in the future to let the system be usable with video conference. it is not a deal breaker though.
I am happy with my V.


I have the same view on the cameras, that front camera is about the same quality as on my 6year old Asus laptop I would much prefer them swapped, or only to have a front camera of decent quality.

Oh wow, no kidding, its terrible hahaha!

It doesn’t bother me - if i hadn’t come in here i could very well have never used the camera in my entire life - but man if i had plans to skype a lot i can see myself being very disappointed by this hahaha.