HDR OSD adjustment

Just set my spectrum up with ps5 and when hdr js enabled i cant adjust any picture settings. I have to turn hdr off in the ps5 settings to be able to control any settings. Turning hdr on after adjusting setting and saving them just sets the monitor to default hdr settings. Does anyone else have this problem?

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Mine is as well with the ps5. I’m pretty sure that’s normal, as the hdr settings are predetermined. Previously, I was using a Lguk650 and it was the same way. You can change some hdr settings thru the ps5 and in the game’s graphic options.


This is completely normal. In order to correctly process a HDR signal, some options become unavailable on Spectrum. The firmware team is looking at what options can be made available and still allow processing of HDR correctly.


Recieved my spectrum but how do you disable the backlight, it is totally unbalanced and blech!

Other than that, I love it!

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Do you mean local dimming? You can’t in HDR.