HDR completely broken

My Spectrum’s HDR support is completely broken on every firmware I’ve tested (102, 104, 105, 106), when using either Windows 10 HDR or XBox Series X HDR. Is this a known issue? Is there some way for me to mitigate it? Since HDR mode disables most of the monitor settings (color profile, brightness, etc) I’m not sure what I can possibly do here. Most of the VESA DisplayHDR test patterns look thoroughly wrong. Everything looks completely fine in SDR mode.

2022-04-25 01.37.25
2022-04-25 01.37.43

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What do you mean be “completely broken”? What are the “broken” things that you’re seeing and what do you expect to be happening instead?

I’ve just tried the DisplayHDR Test app from the Windows Store and most of it appears to be working as expected. The only issues I had were with a couple of the gradient tests (the bottom test from your pictures above, and the animated gradient) which showed up as black, but everything else appeared to be somewhat normal.

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The first photo is supposed to be a solid color. The solid gray in the xbox system settings also looks like that if I enable HDR.

I had the same problem, I thought it was a hardware defect.
But your problem is in the exact same place as mine, so it feels like it could be a firmware problem.

I have the same issues; and I agree that HDR support, as it is, is very poor.
That topic describes everything I could see in detail, and the response from Eve was that the numerous glitches were considered normal, sadly.