HDR change to SDR and looks Gray

When I have HDR activated in PC videogames, the screen turns off for a few seconds and returns to SDR format with the gray colors off. Does anyone know why this can happen? from the support they do not answer me.
On ps5 it doesn’t happen to me, and on PC only with some games. Anyone who understands what could be happening or if it is a defect?
Thanks in advance

I have disabled the g-sync and set the vertical synchronization of the game itself and the error went away, at least in one of the games, the others I have not tried. It seems that the error is caused by G-Syn (Disabled from the dashboard Nvidia)

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if you mean it goes to black and white then unfortunately this is a known issue which hopefully will be fixed in the next firmware update :frowning:

If it is this then, for me, I can usually fix it by switching HDR off in the game and then back on again but I’m not sure if that works for all games and all monitors.

But I’m not sure what you mean by ‘returns to SDR format’, does the game refuse to go into HDR mode? If so, I’ve not seen anyone else report that. Probably worth adding a bit of detail about your graphics card and how you’re connecting (DP or HDMI) and hopefully someone can help.


This happens to me on Series X but ONLY in Halo Infinite. It will randomly get booted out of HDR mode for no reason.

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If I’m sorry I comment. When it is in HDR the screen flickers and reappears in SDR mode, the hdr is forcibly removed and the image it shows is not total gray, there are colors but hardly any force. It is fixed if I load the values ​​or reset the monitor, because if I put the hdr through windows, you see those colors with little force. I have an rtx 3080. It only happens to me in very demanding games (Halo infinite, Jedi Fallen Order etc). I have come to think that such could even be the HDMI 2.1 cable itself, since the HDR on PS5 with another cable has no problem.

It also happens to me in Infinite but for PC, in addition to Ciberpunk2077, Jedi Fallen Order and some more.

I have tried with the ps5 cable (which does not give me problems) and it continues to pass the forced change from HDR to SDR. I have tried to put vertical sync and it has taken a minute or two 10-15 for the problem to occur.

By the way, this colorless flicker also happens if you are in SDR mode. It does the same procedure and it turns gray, only on PC and with some games.

Hi, @KevDamn

This issue was fixed in our release of fw v105. Have you tried flashing that onto your Spectrum?

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I’m going to try this new version, in the end I found the problem, and it occurs when g-sync is activated on the screen. It flickers and the colors lose strength and the monitor is forced to go from HDR to SDR, Does this patch 105 fix this issue?


Hi @KevDamn,

Correct, 105 fixes this issue :slight_smile:

If you still have problems after updating, please let me know.

Hey @nkyadav and @MarvyMarvz,

I updated to 105 a few weeks ago and I’ve had this issue come up multiple times daily. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but it’s actually happening more often in the weeks since upgrading to 105.

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Is the screen going full greyscale (black & white), or is it just showing faded colours?

105 is supposed to stop the image going full greyscale. If you’re getting faded colours, that’s another issue.

It’s worth noting that I’ve had 1 time where the screen showed washed out colours. It was in Diablo 2 Resurrected, and I’d walked away from the screen for 5 minutes. This was after updating to 105, and I never had an issue before then. (RTX 2070, DisplayPort)


Hey, @waterdrinker666

It would be good to know the answer to NZGeek’s question - it is going full gray scale, or just very muted colors?

Also, what GPU / console are you connected to?

That is one I can test, as I have the game (but only a GTX970).

Since it was a very specific scenario, can you test after cleanly installing nVidia 511.23 driver to see if it still manifests?

I’m not considering this an issue worth chasing. It’s happened once with 10-15 hours of play time since upgrading to 105, and I wasn’t even at the computer at the time. I’ve already upgraded to 511.23, so if it happens again, I’ll make a note of it.


Hey @nkyadav,

The colours are muted, not totally greyscale. My GPU is the RTX 3080 and I’m connected over HDMI 2.1 using the cable from Eve.

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Have you tried cleanly upgrading to 511.23? This seems to fix the issue for a lot of people (though, admittedly, most of the reports are from DP users, not HDMI users).

Happy to try this – can you point me to a resource that describes the process for a clean upgrade?

EDIT: I figured it out! A clean upgrade sounded more complicated than it was lol – I’ll see how things go with this version and let you know if I still run into the same issues.

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Hey @nkyadav, the clean upgrade doesn’t seem to have helped at all unfortunately :frowning: still having this issue many times a day.

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Odd. Really, really odd that this issue has cropped back up after being fixed in 104.

Can you check 1) the other HDMI port, and 2 another certified HDMI 2.1 cable (gotta have the HDMI logo with the hologram that you can verify with the HDMI.org mobile app in order to be sure).

Also, double check the values for digital vibrance in the nVidia Control Panel…

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