HDR Battle: 96 Zone FALD vs Edge Lit Dimming (Sony M9 Vs. Eve Spectrum 4K)

No doubt the M9 does a better job at showing “correct” HDR.

The price for the M9 here in Denmark ($1400) is almost twice the price I paid for the Spectrum, so I’m still happy for my purchase - but I’m also looking forward to what Eve can come up with next year.


Maybe I am being dumb and missing something, but that comparison seems so one sided and very poor 22mins of repetitive “this is better just because smaller areas can go black”.
I would expect more zones to give a better display. ( I own an LG48CX and wish I could use that for PS5 all the time) But virtually every example had a complete lack of detail and sometimes loss of colour in the highlights on the FALD display.
Is the M9 so bad or had they got the display settings to Dynamic!!
I would rather have the edge lit Spectrum with detail than the FALD with slightly better blacks and loss of detail and bleached areas.

This is only a HDR head to head. The Spectrum 4K can’t handle HDR correctly - so better to turn it off.
I’d like to see a head to head when HDR is turned off. And a Backlight strobing + VRR Vs. HDR + VRR.
M9 does HDR better - there’s really no denying that, but I think Spectrum does other things better than the M9.

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