HDR Backlight Dimming Control Status?

Is this feature closer to being enabled? Or at least a timeline for it?

One of the bigger frustrations in HDR mode for the D03 is the flickering that occurs in dark scenes when a small/very bright light source is suddenly displayed in a localized region of the display. Think an overall dark scene with a flash light being turned on/off/on/off on one side of the display. The result is the LED column illuminating the region with the bright pixels will instantly jump to a much brighter setting, then back down to low, then back to high. Etc.

In practical gaming terms this is often a single pixel worth of reflection/lighting but if the HDR source is requesting >7000 nits the D03 is forced to turn that column up to max brightness for an otherwise dim scene.

When the rest of the image is dark this makes for a very distracting flickering effect and often makes the entire HDR scene incredibly distracting as a result. I realize the LED columns are what they are design wise but if we could at least disable dimming the flickering would be reduced/gone (at the cost of losing some contrast).

Another option I’d be curious to see is if there was a control to lower the response time used achieve the requested luminance levels of a column (not pixel response, very specifically talking about the backlighting). It currently feels like the led column is set to peak as fast as possible to illuminate the requested pixels. This makes sense in achieving the requested imagery, but this is also how we end up with rapid flickering when scenes are highly dynamic (as is often the case in gaming).

This type of slower response time for illumination would probably result in lower peak luminance for fast moving light sources but I’d be curious to see if trade off was able to achieve overall higher picture quality (less flickering and retain more contrast by keeping dimming enabled at the expense of peak brightness).