HDMI to PC not working

Is anyone else having problems with their 4K monitor not connecting to their PC through an HDMI?

Hi @Dozer,

Have you tried different cables?

Had the same issue where the old HDMI cable just won’t work anymore (won’t work on other peripherals too) and after that I switched to DP. Works great.

Yes. I’ve tried with 4 different HDMI cables. I’m already using a DP cable on my main monitor so my only choice is to use an HDMI cable for my Spectrum

HI @Dozer,

Which firmware are you in?

If you haven’t updated yet, I would recommend updating to 105.

Do you happen to have any other peripheral that can connect to the spectrum other than your computer?

It’s at 105. I have my ps5 and series X connected to it and they both work, just doesn’t read my PC with the HDMI

Hi @Dozer,

Okay. So maybe some setting needs to be adjusted. When connected, does windows manage to detect the secondary display? (in this case, spectrum)

If you see below, there is an option to detect. See if it does anything.


If not, you might want to take a look at the display control panel. I have Nvidia, so in my case there is an option for “Setup Multiple Displays”.


See if it helps. What kind of video card are you using?


Hi, Dozier,

One more thing to note - does your PC have multiple GPUs, such as a discrete GPU in a PCIe slot as well as an integrated on with the CPU? If so, are you perhaps trying to connect to the HDMI port on the back I/O cluster from the motherboard, instead of off of the GPU directly?

If you could include a picture of where on the back of your PC you’re connecting to, that would be beneficial.