HDMI out to USB C In


I am looking to connect my HDMI switch to my USB c port. Is this possible, as I would need a HDMI out to USB c cable? My current cable doesn’t work, so I guess it is only 1 way.

Sorry if this has been asked before.

There are definitely cables out there that can convert from a USB-C port (video out) to a HDMI port (video in). I’ve never heard of any that convert the other way.

USB-C is just Displayport internally, and just like DP>HDMI cables, you can only passively convert from DP (out) to HDMI (in). To go the other way requires an active conversion adapter. There are some of those around though:

(This isn’t a recommendation, I’ve never used it. Just a quick google search). They require power usually to do the conversion. This particular one draws power from a USB port.

I’m unsure if you can then convert from DP to USB-C though, or if there’s an actual direct HDMI>DP.

Why would you not just connect your HDMI switch to one of the HDMI ports on the monitor though?

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