HDMI Issues with firmware 1.04

I am having an issue with the HDMI ports dimming and completely not working. I am assuming this is over due to overheating. But cannot confirm.

If I switch hdmi 1 to hdmi 2 when hdmi 1 screws up hdmi 2 will work for a while. This also works in the opposite. Hdmi 2 screws up then switch to hdmi 1. Thus confirming my over heating theory.

Is there anyone else experiencing this? Other than power cycle or turn to spare hdmi port, any one else have any other fixes?


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I don’t think ports can individually overheat. They aren’t attached to separate controllers.

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Is the Manufactured HDMI 2.1 cable by Eve a certified one?? I bought the cable from Eve and I believe it is the main perpetrator of the Black screen and overheating issue. Any thoughts?

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Hi @DreddImpact,

Yes, I can confirm the HDMI 2.1 Cable by Eve is Certified.

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Is there any fixes related to this issue? It is really frustrating that I had to wait so long for this product and it doesn’t work 100%.

Considering the number of units sold and the few reports of this, it does not seem to be a general issue. Maybe describe your setup in more detail to give others a chance to narrow down your issue or confirm similar problems.

Using an 8K hdmi certified cable. Tested on other monitors and it’s working fine.
4k is the res I am using. Seems to be fine in 1080P with Display port. It seems using hdmi ports tho they over heat or something causes them to stop working after a few hours.
This isn’t always it’s intermitted but when it happens it’s generally during a game or something. It does happen just on desktop
Not too sure what other info is useful. It just happens to me over time, cant seem to narrow down what causes the issue.

There are other but not similar issues reported in this thread: Spectrum | The Future Of Firmware - #182 by PaulWBal

Suggestions to get a more stable experience are trying out some of these settings: toggling off VRR, toggling off HDR, reducing max refresh rate to 120hz and trying to change the color space to sRGB.

I hope your issue gets fixed via the firmware update in Jan. No permanent compromises should be tolerated by you or any other client.

I only had my screen since a few days and used it with my work laptop at 4k 60hz over USB-C. No problems there so far.
But I also bought it for PC gaming and have more or less the same setup as you with a desktop featuring a 3080 connected with HDMI 8k certified cable. Will post if I experience any issues once I get a chance to game on it for extended periods of time.

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I have another query, when I updated to firmware version 104, some of the settings were missing or left grayed or dimmed like it was non-functional. Is it upgrade related or is it normal that the choices in the Performance option settings in the monitor is “non-or-NOT highlighted as it should be.

And also, when I toggle to the dimmed or grayed option in the choices in the Performance settings from the monitor, it just skips the dimmed option or the highlight bar does not focus on that part of the toggled Down or up portion. It simply skips it.

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I’m running firmware 104, and have had a number of issues (described in other threads) with my EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 FTW3 connected via a Belkin branded HDMI 2.1 cable including: frequent flickering, split/mirror imaging on monitor, and not recognizing an active video connection.

So far there is no solution short of restarting my device. Powering the monitor off and on only temporarily relieves the flickering issue, but does nothing for the other symptoms. Sadly, it looks like we’re still helping test this product.


Over Display Port 1.4 with my GTX 1070 I also experience flickering. it could be an issue with the current NVIDIA Driver, if you have that installed, the Problem also got discussed at another Thread in this Forum.

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Hey @DreddImpact the toggled off settings you are mentioning are due to HDR. When enabled, HDR forces the screen to respect defined values, such as brightness and contrast. This is I believe, to enable the best HDR result possible. You can toggle HDR off and see whether it helps. Enjoy your Spectrum :wink:


reinstall firmware until it works

Hi @domshyra,

I’ll need some more information from you.

  1. What GPU are you running?
  2. Have you tried using an alternative HDMI cable?
  3. How long does it take for your spectrum to start dimming → completely stop working?
    3a) Have you tested your other monitor for the same amount of time?

Hi @DreddImpact,

Correct, it is based settings that have been chosen, for example:

  1. HDR enabled grays out everything in the picture tab except sharpness.
  2. VRR/Adaptive-Sync enabled grays out low latency mode (and is enabled by default)

I’d just like to point out, even if it may be redundant, that on my not very new GPU, HDMI is an older version and I only get a great signal over DP. Even with high quality HDMI cable, GPU is still limiting factor.

May be unrelated, but I did not know this HDMI version thing. Apparently HDMI 2.x caught up, but some time ago DP was ahead of HDMI.

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Before installing Firmware 104 I wasnt getting the flickering issue with HDMI 2.1 on a EVGA 3080 FTW3. I was only getting black screen issue. Is there a way to install the previous version, I rather deal with the black screen for now where turning off and on the monitor was a temporary fix. The flickering is annoying and happens more often.

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Hi @Kelyn159,

Not a problem, please see below.

You have the choice of upgrading to 105 or rolling back to 102. If you do upgrade to 105, please let me know if the issue still persists.

3080 Asus TUF
Yes I have tried it with an LG monitor and same cable works perfectly. No issues.

It depends. Anywhere from 10 mins to 3 hours. It does happen frequently enough that I have to restart it at least twice a day.

Will try 105 soon, just haven’t gotten time.

Hi @domshyra,

Thanks for the response.

However, you never stated what happens when you tried an alternative HDM1 2.1 cable, does the issue still occur?

Hey, I just wanted to share that I have experienced the same issues as @domshyra (I wrote about it here).


  • I have a 3080 with the latest nvidia drivers
  • On 1.04 and 1.05 I regularly lost signal at 4K HDR, 144Hz (and 120Hz) when using the HDMI 2.1 cable I bought directly from EVE when I purchased the monitor
  • The only solution for me was to switch to Displayport
  • Displayport works 99% of the time, with only rare black screens when playing BF2042 that recover automatically, after a few seconds
  • I hope that 1.06 will address this HDMI/VRR/Nvidia-3-series-cards issue properly…

My suggestion to you, @domshyra would be to switch to a decent DP cable, if you can. It turned my situation from frustrating and barely useable, to totally fine.