HDMI 2.1 Features

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I´m not sure, but are all relevant HDMI 2.1 features implemented and within the latest firmware?

  • VRR is.

  • Not sure what ALLM is.

  • eARC is an optional part of the HDMI2.1 spec, and isn’t supported by Spectrum’s scaler (hardware), so it isn’t possible to be implemented.


Auto Low Latency Mode

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I’m not sure ALLM is relevant on a monitor, which doesn’t have additional processing. It sounds like it’s more for TVs.


Fwiw, the monitor menu/OSD has the “Performance” → “Low-latency mode” option. And at least the regular blurry scaling (“Picture” → “Aspect Ratio” → “Maintain aspect ratio”) is computationally expensive processing.


Have an xbox series x and just received my spectrum. How do I enable auto low latency mode?

turn off adaptive sync in performance settings in the OSD.

Is there something I am missing? It would not show on the xbox. I have changed the setting in the monitor, but the xbox doesn’t show this.

i dont know anything about about it showing on xbox. Never tried looking into that with my xbox since i mostly game xbox games on my pc for way more performance. i have VRR enabled in windows 10. In the onscreen display menu. I went into performance section turned off adaptive sync by toggle the joystick to the right to make sure it stayed off and then low latency mode was available to use.

I have 120hz working and auto hdr from xbox seems to be working, but xbox wont let me calibrate HDR and it wont let me turn on ALLM.

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the latest spectrum firmware update helps addresses hdr calibration for consoles.

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I still have this issue. I put a support ticket in, but Haven’t received a communication back and this has been about 5 days now.

you have firmware 102R875. That firmware update helps with HDR calibration for consoles.

Yes I installed it. I am looking to get ALLM to work.

You have to turn off Adaptive sync in the OSD to allow ALLM. OSD go to performance and turn off adaptive sync.

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Yes and have the same result. Still waiting on support to get back to me about it. There has to be something I am missing.

I have the Xbox Series X and auto low latency mode does not work for me as well. Greyed out on the Xbox when its enabled on the monitor. Can you let me know what staff says to your ticket?

I wish I could but its been weeks since I was responded to.