Has anyone tried updating Intel Drivers via Intel Driver & Support Assistant?

As the tite says:
Has anyone tried updating Intel Drivers via Intel Driver & Support Assistant?
The driver can be found here:
Is it safe to update the drivers or is it possible to damage the device?

Yes, I have tried to update all Intel drivers on my ThinkPad P1 via Intel Driver & Support Assistant, and even kept using this method for a while before I start to seek drivers from Lenovo support page manually. My experience tells me it does no harm on my device and accurately detects drivers; however, it cannot bypass artificial driver limits from manufacturers. For example, my ThinkPad P1 cannot install any intel graphics driver other than the one’s Lenovo releases.


Well I was hoping someone had an experience with the V, as it states that it replaces the OEM drivers which can be dangerous. I am particularly worried about updating the graphics drivers!

I am using the original Intel tool for driver updates, which you have mentioned, since I have got my V and never had any problems with it.


That is all I have been using for the last couple of years. Regular updates of both the video, Bluetooth …etc. I haven’t encountered any issues, of course other than it on the rare occasion failing to detect that I have latest drivers.


I was using Intel update on my V since day one. EVE almost abandoned V drivers support.

No problem with Intel drivers for chipset, processor, graphics, WiFi, Bluetooth.

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I haven’t used it on the V but I do on several other 3 year old PCs where the manufacturer has abandoned driver and firmware updates without issue.

I have been using the intel driver update system for over a year with no issues. That being said. Two weeks ago another video driver version (Intel® Graphics - Windows® 10 DCH Drivers) was released and updated fine except for the related update for the camera. My V will not take that update.(Intel® AVStream Camera 2500). After a long time “Installing”.


I’m having this same issue.
I’m about to try installing from here, but I rather wait until all my video meetings for the week are done, since it seems bricking is a real possibility.

I have the backup of all the drives, but yes you can download it from the company website