Has Anyone Actually Recieved a Glossy 4K Yet?

So, have any of you actually received your monitor? Since Dough is radio silent on orders and refunds beyond the CMS, figure I ask the community. Thanks.

Hi, i’m waiting since march 14, 2022.

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They’ve informed us that there are quality issues with the models. If you look at the other feeds, you will see people are reporting issues with the Glossy model. So I would advise to wait until they resolve the problems first before we receive them otherwise we would have to go through the hassle of RMA and then that is another nightmare. Not only that, others are reporting firmware issues and that some cannot use the variable refresh rate with the PS5.
So I would rather receive a model that does not have faults than to have one with and ruining my experience

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I was lucky enough to receive one.

Also, you can see the users from the community who received theres here with images etc.

For those who are still waiting for your glossy order, once we have word on the production issues being resolved and everything has resumed we will update you all accordingly! Thank you for your continued patience as I know this delay is not ideal.

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Yes i have received mine. Im having a few issues with mine unfortunately, but so far its usable enough. Not sure if ill have to RMA it or not or if thats even possible for me.

Yep I got mine. Standard shipping, took 9+ months lol.

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Shared my buying experienced here Spectrum 4K 144Hz Glossy Buying Experience

@aethel any updates?

Hi from Germany,

I’m waiting since March 202, fully paid. I hope you still send it to Germany…



I received a glossy box. but when I put the glossy next to the matte I can’t tell which one is which.
can you tell which one is the glossy one? the picture on the box was glossier