Has any tech media written a story about Eve V present situation?

Just goes to show what a sham tech journalism really is.

They helped to build this white elephant, and their articles floating around the internet contribute to people buying this product without realizing their money is going to be tied up for months.

While I am sure that some journalists could argue ignorance, I happen to know that some tech writers who wrote laudatory articles about Eve have been informed about the situation and directed to the forums to see for themselves.

But, not a peep.


but is the eve story something for tech - journalism? Imo it is more something for in-deep business news… For my part (I’ve written an article about the V at the German tech-blog Dr.windows in IGG times) the boss of Dr.Windows decided not to write any news about the V until it is directly available (delivery starts when paid)… maybe this would be never… I was really wondering about Windows Central this week that they are recommending the V as a good surface alternative without a word about the availability situation…

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I agree with you that the story of Eve Tech, at this stage, is a business story rather than a tech story. And I think that Dr. Windows is doing the right thing about waiting until the device is directly available before writing a story about it.

But the tech journalists that should be writing about this are the ones that previously wrote gung-ho articles about Eve Tech and the Eve V.

There are plenty of tech writers that did “reviews” on the Eve V. But there are also media that did laudatory articles about Eve Tech:

I would be that every single person that has their money tied into this “investment” did so on the basis of at least on news story that made it seem legitimate.

I just think it reflects poorly on the media that not one site has taken up the mantle and run with this story. You’d think they’d want to do the story just to save at least one poor sap from throwing away $ 1,000+ of their hard earned money. But they don’t care.

Much like Eve Tech which continues to have their website read “V COMPUTER NOW AVAILABLE” when this statement is not only a lie but asinine if you consider the experience that most people on this forum are having.


even though it’s so easy for journalists to get information about the situation of eve - tech through this community and the updates of eve-team.

“Surface killer” - Great headline and probably get a number of clicks due to the reference to clicks. People love a saving and underdog.

“Eve Tech failing to meet demand/Crowd sourced project goes wrong” - Much less exciting to the general reader and not worth the screen space?

Hi @lpconn
I would call myself a tech journalist, at least I’m writing in my free-time for two more or less famous tech/windows blogs in germany (see here for example). What do you think the news about the current situation would be? What message should one bring to the people?
I’m honest, since I got my V some months ago (LB) I somehow stopped following the EVE community… Sometimes I give a look to get a short impression, but I’m not up to date with everything.
But if you think there is something to tell, tell me, maybe I can help :slight_smile:


Actually Liliputing.com just posted a fair review of the situation:


In general with tech sites, it is so busy almost all the time that most of the blogs or sites just don’t have time to take “look backs”. Generally we just report something in news and it hardly ever gets revisited because there is always something bigger coming or getting released.

Just my two cents (as a tech blogger).


So, guys. I’ve written something (originally in german…), you’ll find it here:

For all non-germans I’ll insert a translation from deepl here :slight_smile:
Tell me what you think about it!

Delivery difficulties and refunds at EVE: Is the surface killer finished?
They were once the epitome of the tech startup scene: EVE with their 2-in-1 EVE V. But what has become of the surface killer? Months have passed since EVE opened the official webshop, but since then they have been struggling with massive delivery problems. According to current figures, only 65% of buyers have received their product. Many have lost confidence in the startup and the product. Will EVE fail?

From a shining star to a sinking ship?

EVE has definitely made history in the last two years. The sum collected on the Crowdfundig platform Indiegogo set a new record at the time. The EVE V quickly got the nickname “Surface Killer” in the press and the reports, tests and comments overturned with high expectations but also extremely positive reviews. But the hype is definitely over. The official forum is full of misunderstanding and anger about the current situation.

From the beginning with delays

Even the supporters of the crowdfunding campaign had to wait up to 15 months for their product instead of the promised 3-5 months. But this is (more or less) part of the risk of crowdfunding. And despite the severe delay, EVE has delivered the V to everyone. The result is a quite impressive device that has actually kept most of its promises, be it the battery life, the processing quality, the display or the keyboard.

The EVE V purchase needs patience

EVE opened the official webshop when the first devices were delivered to Indiegogo buyers. Even there it was clear that you were buying a product that was not yet ready in a warehouse, but you could still assume that it could be delivered promptly. Don’t they? This question is currently weighing heavily on the community around EVE. Because some of the buyers have been waiting for more than 7 months for the delivery of their product. A little more patience" is no longer enough. After all, this was no longer about crowdfunding. The EVE V can be ordered on the website like a Surface in the Microsoft Store. And there you usually don’t even wait 7 days for the delivery.

Eve is silent.

During the crowdfunding campaign, it was common for EVE to publish a detailed status report on the situation, current problems and solution strategies at least once a week. Mostly even by the boss, Konstantinos, himself. But even this has become less. There are hardly any official updates or statements. It has been said for months that the company has been working with new, large investors. But the long time of waiting scratches the credibility. The “spirit”, enthusiasm, understanding and trust in EVE has been almost completely lost in the official community.

Once there met motivated people who wanted to be a part of something big. Developed their own ideas and projects. and positive energy into the community. Today it is a place for the voices nagger and doubter. And you can’t even really blame them…

A Reddit user has given room to his doubt and advised against currently paying EVE another cent and instead claiming refunds while it is still possible. He referred to a thread in the official forum about the status of refunds. Instead of commenting, EVE simply closed the thread to prevent further pessimism.

This is by no means the customer-oriented company you got to know during crowdfunding. After all, this is exactly what EVE had made a big effort to do. Even the code name of the Vs was “Pyramid Flipper” and the’V’ was a symbol for it. The significance: Instead of the turnover and the profit in the company, the pyramid of hierarchies and priorities is reversed, so that the customer is at the top.

What is the reason?

Officially, problems with Paypal and other payment administrators are still mentioned. Just like two years ago. It’s hard to tell whether that’s true. Obviously, however, EVE has problems with solvency.

The situation gives bad tongues beyond that the area to maintain that current (already paid) devices only works over the sales of further (not yet produced) devices. A vicious circle, should not find itself nevertheless still an investor. But even this prospect does not seem particularly credible at the moment, since nothing tangible new has been announced in this regard for months.

The question of confidence

Almost a month has passed since the last big statement of the EVE founder and boss. A month in which doubts have increased and the relationship with the community has deteriorated. A month after which no light is still visible at the end of the tunnel. The core of EVE was once the community, and it seems that this bond is breaking more and more. In his statement, Konstantinos openly and honestly acknowledged the current situation, and I personally have absolutely no doubt that he really does everything in his power not to let EVE fail. The question is whether that’s enough, whether he’s going against the world and can prove to it that you can build an international company from nothing.

The fact is, nobody really knows what’s going on behind the scenes at EVE. And as some users really notice, it is no longer fair to give the impression in the official webshop that you can just order an EVE V like that. And it’s frightening how much EVE is withdrawing.

I myself was one of the crowdfunding supporters and received my Eve V in March 2018. Since then I have been absolutely satisfied with the 2-in-1 device, had no problems, and didn’t give the Surface Pro a jealous look. And yet I can’t seriously recommend ordering a V right now. I have not yet lost my faith in the idea behind EVE, nor in the creator of this idea, Konstantinos. But the confidence in EVE’s success? That’s a question I don’t want to answer…