Hardware Item request plus search for sale working / bricked Eve V 2017

Hello all Eve-ers,

First of all, to the creators and organizers of the Eve V build team, keep up the good work, the product does speak for itself minus those few bugs and such, time challenges and all. I have
been enjoying my eve for the last few years, and love it !!!

I too have experienced the keyboard issue, and, mine did not come with a functional lock on the SDHC port, so no extended memory, but besides that, all is well and I am very pleased with v1.
I wait for v2 :slight_smile:

Now for the ask: I recently managed to lean on the tablet enough to crack the right hand side mounting bracket on the kickstand. It still works, but its only a matter of time before that starts to impact the left hand side and I loose the kickstand for good.

I am wondering as you can provide me with a part number or a link to a part replacement bracket that I could replace myself ( I know it will require I disassemble the unit, and I am confident in that attempt, that I can rebuild it and it will work lol ) We shall see.

Otherwise, does anyone have want to sell off their old V ? For parts ( ok if it works too :slight_smile: ).

Keep on Eve’ing everyone.

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Hi @sacredlabor,

Not sure if you can find the replacement bracket out there. But in this case contacting support would be your best chance on getting more information about the specific component.

Hi @sacredlabor
A couple of points:

  • I would be a bit wary about the information you receive from support. They told one customer they had a replacement keyboard, charged them 144€ for it, kept delaying when it would be shipped and when the customer finally raised it here, Eve eventually admitted that they never had a keyboard in the first place:
    How I get a working keyboard V1? - #30

  • The screen in the V is securely glued and it is pretty much impossible to disassemble the V without breaking the screen. You can see further info here (it’s a prototype so there are only two screws on the hinge):
    V Prototype DVT3 Teardown and Information


Anyone have updated information on where I can find a replacement
bracket, a bricked Eve 1 for parts, or an Eve 1 you want to sell ?



I have two Eve V (2017) for sale actually. They are laying around and I don’t use them anymore.

First one is fully functional with few bad pixels on display (only visible on turned on screen on black background) and with fully functional keyboard but Sweden or Norway layout (I don’t remember now which one)

Second one is also functional, but with cracked screen which is working correctly, but has visible crack on first glass layer. I also have US layout keyboard, but like others it has damaged connector cables inside, so it doesn’t work.

Let me know if you are interested.

sweet, absolutely, what cost are you looking to recover for each of them individually and together as a whole ?


I think about 500$ for each + shipping cost, as them are fully functional, despite that issues I’ve mentioned. If you interested in both I can lower price a bit. Send me PM if you interested, we can also negotiate, because I don’t know if that price is fair to be honest.

My Eve is driving me crazy with the ghost touches. Happy to sell it here before it goes onto eBay if there are any takers. UK based