Hard Drive Capacity

I was looking for a Surface Pro, and waiting for the New Surface Pro to release. When I saw Eve V on Linus Tech Tips, I grew interested in this product. My only question is why no 1TB capacity? Is it possible to add storage to the V? I would plan to use this as a place to store, and edit photos, so the 1TB capacity would be preferable. Would it be possible to replace the 512 GB SSD with a 1TB SSD?

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When the project started and the specs where locked, there still was no viable 1TB SSD on the market. That’s why there currently isn’t a 1TB model.

Eve might decide, at some stage, to add a 1TB model in order to level the plane with Microsoft’s Surface Pro. To this regard there was also some interesting discussion about the brand of SSD so I would expect them to dig into the matter in order to further improve the overall experience.

As community feedback is very important to them, I would expect them to read this message and note that there is some interest for a 1TB model. Interest that, actually, I second.

For the time being, however, you can expand the memory through a MicroSD.

As for storage of photos, I don’t know your specific use-case but if such pictures are important to you I would suggest a NAS with Raid redundancy and, possibly, facilities to integrate with cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive. This recommendation is not to compensate for the lower storage of the Eve, but rather to cater for the most typical issues on this regard: device damage or device loss/stealing.


The 1 TB SSD alone was also around 100-200$ (@Patrick_Hermawan knows more :upside_down_face:) more expensive than the 500GB one and it would’ve made too many possible configurations for 500 devices to be send in one go. I could imagine a 1 TB option sometime in the future though :slight_smile: at least I’d love to have one even though I won’t buy it since I get my V soon anyways :grin: