Happy New Year!

All our team wishes you an astonishing 2017!

We are all sure this year will be unforgettable to all of us.

Starting from 10th of January will be posting a lot of videos of our team in China producing and testing Vs live. We will ship devices for testing in January too. Once we jave addressed all of the minor bugs and issues we will start shipping out V’s to early backers.

In 2017 we have big plans for V as well as for all of the accessories that will be avaliable with it.

We are even more excited about 2017 as we will certainly kick off crowd development of our next unbeatable device.

Happy New Year to you all!

Thank you guys for making V possible. We really can’t wait to send V’s out :slight_smile:


Thank you Team EVE for your great Job.
Happy New Year!


Your now in 2017 in China - enjoy.

Have a great time making it happen over next few weeks and look forward to receiving my i7 soon


Thank you for EVErything :slight_smile:
Happy New Year


Happy new year (if a few hours late).

But the thing I’d point out is that I didn’t realise this was a thread by @Konstantinos before I entered it. There is a serious lack of :fire: fire :fire: emoji :fire: in the title.


Happy New Year from Cowtown (Calgary, Alberta)!


Happy New Year to you all from LA!

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