Hackintosh Eve V

I’ve come out of the woodwork to ask a question, hopefully this won’t go pear shaped…

I think I read about this before but how feasible is it to have macOS on the eve as a dual boot?

I’ve currently got a macbook because one piece of software only works on Mac, apart from that I loathe the operating system, I don’t need WiFi to work which I seem to remember being an issue

Anyhoo, any advice on how to go about this would be marvellous


Hey @Cluskey_Smith. I can’t recall if anyone tried it (it’s possible) but personally if I were to do it I’d run it in a VM as I’m not comfortable with all the boot stuff anymore. If it were 1996 I’d try partition magic dual boot but times have changed.

Hey @Cluskey_Smith @henning got it working. For him all except wireless worked well!

@henning could you share your experience here?


I thought I’d seen something about it, unfortunately my search skills are basic! Haha

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Space ship destiny delivers mails, today i got one mail for @Cluskey_Smith
The mail considers Hackintosh lol