Guransh from Texas

Hey there! My name is Guransh and I live in the DFW metroplex in Texas. I’m a high school senior and have always been interested in new tech, not so much from a manufacturer’s view but from a consumer’s. I’ve been a lurker in this community for over a month now and finally decided to join. I (dare I say) discovered Eve and the V on a youtube video and have been in love waiting for her to come out ever since as I’m looking for a 2 in 1 to last me my final year of high school and a few years of college as well. Hats off to the Eve team and the entire community as even despite the display problems and delays y’all have made a fantastic product. I’m a bit sad that it won’t be ready before school starts again but the wait will be worth it from what I can tell. Also, I have a few questions for the team.

Once the web store opens, (end of September hopefully from what I’ve read) approximately how long will it take to manufacture and ship the Vs? Also, will there be a student discount?

Thank you for your answers in advance. I look forward to being a part of the community as it awaits the arrival of the V!


Hey there Guransh! My name is Thomas and I’m also from Texas, down in Austin to be more specific. Have you decided on where you are going to college in the future? I just got back into school last year after a long break. I have been using my wife’s old Macbook and desperately needed an upgrade which is what brought me here. All that to say hey and it’s awesome seeing another Texan in the forum.

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Hi Thomas. I have not fully decided yet but I’ll go wherever I get the best scholarship. UTD is high up on the list as they give quite a few scholarships haha. Medical School is still very expensive so I don’t want to be left in debt before even starting. I think a 2 in 1, such as the V, for school is a great decision as it gives a lot of flexibility for students. What are you going back to school for?

Welcome to the community!
Let’s build revolutionary products, together.

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Hi and welcome! Great to have the future of our civilisation on these boards interested in eve!

It’s good to have a younger perspective on tech to counter some of the older more experienced views of some here, like me!

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Finishing up a degree I had to take a break on. It’s in urban studies,
think of a multidiscipline degree, which a lot of people use to get into
city planning.

After I finish up in may I’ve got a bit of time and side schooling to get
ready for entering either the Masters of Data Analytics or Management next

The 2-in-1 seemed the perfect mix of versatility and power I was looking
for kind of like you mentioned Guransh. Hopefully all works out in your
scholarship search.

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Hi Guransh, Welcome to the Community!

Check out this thread:


Hello @Guransh_Nanda, i know I’m late to this, but welcome and howdy! :wink:
I too live in the DFW area, and have been a part of the Community since near the beginning (Jan. 2016).
Don’t be a stranger, and don’t be afraid to ask if you need anything!

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