[GUIDE] Installing rEFInd on the V (Dual Boot with MicroSD Cards!)

To create a multi boot experience on my V I installed rEFInd onto my Windows 10 EFI Partition instead of the Windows 10 Bootloader.
This enables me to boot from the MicroSD card directly, without configuring EFI Entries in the NVRAM.

It is possible to boot from the MicroSD using the EFI (F7 during Boot Sequence), but it is not just bootable from the BIOS itself.

The Installation of rEFInd is pretty straight-forward and is explained here in detail.
If you just want to setup a dual boot environment, you can do the installation through Linux, which is much easier. But if you want to boot from MicroSD and be able to remove it and still boot, you need to install rEFInd onto your SSD.

Please keep in mind that this procedure can cause your Windows to stop from booting, so please backup your data first! Eve Community and I are not responsible for any damage caused by this guide!

Full Instructions:

  1. Create a live Linux USB Stick for UEFI use.
  2. Install Linux to your MicroSD card using a live USB Stick. (I used a USB Card Reader for this, to be able to boot from it easily. But this should not be necessary)
  3. Try to boot into your Linux and be sure it works fine.
  4. If you now move your MicroSD Card into the Vs Card Reader you should be able to boot from it when you smash the F7 Key (Fn + F7 without FN-Lock :wink:) when booting. This was a little bit buggy on my V with the original Keyboard, so I used a USB Keyboard which worked much better!
  5. If you press nothing at all, you should be able to boot to Windows.
  6. Follow the Guide to install rEFInd to your SSD:
  1. Try out your rEFInd Installation. You should be greeted with a white Screen where you can choose between your Windows and Linux Installation.
  • If it does not work, enter the BIOS del and choose rEFInd in the Boot Options
  1. [optional] You can Install my EVE V Skin for rEFInd if you want to. See the README there for more details.
  2. You should now be able to choose your MicroSD Linux when it is inserted. If you remove it you can normally start Windows. I also tried to boot a Windows PE MicroSD Card without further configuration and it worked great too!
    Without MicroSD Card
    With MicroSD Card

P.S.: If you are good at Graphics Design and want to contribute, please update this Icon to fit the style of all the other ones. Just send me the new image and I will do the update on GitHub if you want to.


[SOLVED] See below:

Has anyone else tried to use V skin on rEFInd?

On Linux after creating the folder themes I git cloned the repo into it:
sudo git clone https://github.com/eve-community/refind-eve-v.git
and then added include themes/refind-eve-v/theme.conf to the end of refind.conf but after doing so and rebooting the rEFInd boot screen was rather deformed. It still had the same background and icons except that now, everything was scaled to at least twice the size.
Removing the config entry and themes folder reset rEFInd to its previous state.

Anyone else had a similar issue and managed to solve it?

EDIT: I found the issue, the Git repo is called refind-eve-v therefore the files are in themes/refind-eve-v/ however in the theme.conf the directory for the icons and background is set to themes/refind-ambience/icons so rEFInd can’t find the required files as it thinks they are in a different directory.

To fix edit theme.conf so that all occurrences of themes/refind-ambience/ are replaced with themes/refind-refind-eve-v/ or wait until the repo has been updated.


Thank you very much for the Quick fix and your Pull request.

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