[GUESS THE PRICE] Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Hello Everybody!

Today we are guessing price of this bad boy Galaxy S6 Edge flagship from Samasung. Spec Below:

This device was originally 1000 euros in Finland when introduced. Nowadays you can get anywhere from 700 - 900 eur.


How much do you guys think it costs to manufacture???

What is the most expensive part of the device?

:wink: NO CHEATING :wink:


Around 300?

Expensive… Screen?

Not bad, but still not quite there! Screen is.in fact expensive but it is not nearly the most expensive componet!

Huh! Can we take a second guess, then?

Price lower? Higher? : >

Most expansive: the CPU? Although I’m really surprised that the screen is not.

i can hint you Both screen and CPU are around only 30usd . You can try again but i will tell you guys whether you should.aim higher or lower when more dudes comment:D

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Third and the last shot: the storage? : (

edit: Overview | IHS Markit Online Newsroom ? :<

Looks almost like cheating:D Yes you are right storage is quite expensive. Well now lets wait what others think:)

I’ve googled it after writing my answers. So your info is different than theirs, basically?

Oh well. I’m wondering what others think!

Just guessing here; 350

I think it’s around USD 250-300 to manufacture :slightly_smiling:
Expensive parts may be Camera and processor?

Typical cost would be around $280 USD, once into mass production.
Most expensive part is probably the internal (onboard NAND) memory.

Of course, the REAL most expensive part is the “SAMSUNG” logo :unamused:
As Xiaomi, Huawai and others could cut the manufacturing cost almost in half.


And the winner is… @techru2!!!

Basically our estimate is that it is around 270USD

I am very surprised that you were so close to actual price. It only tells me that we have right people here!

Basically most of its retail price comes from very innefecient distribution model + 18 Billion in.marketing expenses last year:D I am sure that I am not the inly one who feels like living in Samsung Galaxy World:D


After working for circuitboard manufacturer here in the States for a brief time, my semi-educated guess is between $150-$180 to assemble one device, dependent upon storage and other small differences in components. The extra cost comes in because Samsung needs to pay for marketing and employees that work for them.

Note: I didn’t see that there was already an answer posted until after first submitted this.