[GUESS THE BOM] Eve V 2021 Keyboard

Guess the BOM cost of this bad boy


  • 15 $
  • 25 $
  • 35 $
  • 45 $
  • 55 $
  • 65 $
  • 75 $
  • 85 $
  • 100 $
  • 120 $

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Just to remind you there are many thing to be improved in this keyboard. It’s time to make some bets :slight_smile:

(Note: I do not have the BOM of the keyboard, I hope Eve team could later clarify the BOM)


Hey, @Patrick_Hermawan! Could you please tell me what part of the keyboard BOM you’d like us to clarify and why you’d like us to clarify it?

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Based on a similar thread, the estimated BOM for the SP4 keyboard was $30. Assuming a similar BOM cost, does that mean the margin for the V keyboard is around $100?

clarify might not be the right word, pardon my English, but I hope the team could tell us, the customers, on the BOM and margins of the keyboard.


The new V Keyboard’s BOM will be higher than that of SP4’s. The former’s price allows us to implement premium modules and cover the BOM while maintaining a healthy margin. Although we strive to build and test the Keyboard to be as robust as possible, the price has factored in quick replacements at our cost to cover applicable cases. We considered the entire device’s worth as a whole and are confident that our pricing offers noticeable value to our new V customers.

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