Greetings from South Louisiana.

Hi. I’m a 41 year old professional driver. I was literally minutes away from ordering a Surface Pro when I learned about the Eve V. After some soul searching I decided to take a chance on the unknown.
What decided it for me was (in order of importance) the number and variety of external ports, the lack of bloatware, the price and the fact that the charger isn’t a bulky laptop type charger since space is an issue for me.
I’m plan to use it for video streaming, reading, internet browsing and light gaming.


Welcome Gabriel.
I’m sure you’ll enjoy the forum… and also, hopefully the V when you get it.

Thanks. I’m trying not to hold my breath. I’m kinda putting it out of my mind and letting it happen when it happens. Hopefully it will be worth it.

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Does that mean we can ask you to help when there’s something wrong with the V’s drivers? :joy:

But really though, what kind of driver are you?

Nope. You’re on your own there, brother.:joy: I’m a tanker yanker.

V is great :heart_eyes:
Windows can be … well let’s just say: Windows :grimacing:
Conclusion so far (after some months of use): V is great :star_struck:

O yeah: I’m not a V seller, just a buyer, no shares in the Eve company, no nothing, only me.