Greetings from Germany, Frankfurt am Main

Hey Eve Community!

A few days ago I missed an offer from Microsoft a few days ago who sold the Surafce pro 4 i5 256g 8gb ram with the Keyboard for 849€ ( 500€ cheaper).

Link here:

Afterwards I am really glad to miss this offer so that I found the Eve V as a better alternative to the Surface Pro.
I’m sure now to buy the Eve V and support this community.

I joined this community because I liked every Aspect of the Eve Company:

I really like your nice Website design :smiley:
I like the Eve V device
But the main aspect is the concept of a collective Mind working together to make something made by us :ok_hand:

greetings from Frankfurt am Main


Welcome to our community. Greetings from black forest… Your choice is the right one! Some patience will be needed, but the end is near…

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Is it just me or do we have a overwhelming number of germans here? XD

Welcome to the community :wink:


Welcome to the community from Fulda (1hour away from Frankfurt) if you have any questioms feel free to pm me or ask them here

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Finally additional Hesse’s in here! Welcome and raise any questions you might have…

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Greetings from Mainz (almost Hessia :wink:)

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Feel outnumbered? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nope, he’s German :smiley:

Welcome from me, too.
And also from Fulda.
Never thought that there will be another Rucksack :wink:.

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Greetings from Cottbus, I did join this Community a few weeks ago and i’m really excited that the end is near so i can have the V for my upcoming study :slight_smile:

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And welcome from Berlin. :night_with_stars:

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Eve really is an excellent marketer; I feel like this is not emphasized enough.

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Welcome, Mehmet to our community!!!

I am from my mother planet “Earth” :slight_smile:

Just pulling legs, I have been in Frankfurt many times (“FRA” if you knew what I am eluding too).


Welcome and Servus from the Oktoberfest :beers:

Greetings from Bad Homburg!

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Finally woke up? Good morning!!!:yum:

And Greetings from Leipzig. :+1:
Welcome in the great Community.