Greetings from a fan

Gday guys,

Name’s Roger from Australia. Here because I have pre-ordered the Spectrum and cannot wait until its available.

Was wondering if the devs/mods have access to a 2k to 4k wallpaper of the eve logo that is portrayed on the spectrum images? (red logo on a black background)

Think it looks amazing and would love to deck out my current desktop with it until the new monitor arrives!

Thank you.

Until next time.


Hi Roger, and welcome to the community!

It’ll be a while before you can put Spectrum on your desk, but to tide you over until then, how about I get you those wallpapers? :smiley:

Spray logo desktop wallpaper in 2560x1440 ‘1440p’ QHD:

Spray logo wallpaper QHD

Spray logo desktop wallpaper in 3840x2160 ‘4K’ UHD:

Spray logo wallpaper QHD


This got me to one idea, what about doing option that if monitor goes inactive (is not displaying anything) / or is Turning on, that people would have posibility to choose picture that will be Displayed. Btw that logo really looks good, it would be so nice if you can send me it, but with light blue color of logo :smile: .

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Thank you so much Helios! Have a great and safe Easter.