Great start of Wednesday! (Dave2D Prototype Hands-on)

We are waiting for the screen news to come today. Fingers crossed :smiley:

Now while we are waiting (i promise to update you guys within 30 min I learn the QC results)

Check this video by Dave out!


Great news :slight_smile: (20 characters)

Good Tea. Nice House.
No seriously, nice calm & balanced review or hands on (whatever), i like it more than the rushed, although longer, Computex videos.
Love the parts with the screen, looks amazing, calibration really does its part!


Great news and nice review . :relaxed:
The V is going be really great.
I hope that the screen will be perfect.

All reviews, (even not deep) are good so far… nice to know :wink:

I actually saw it before this post :stuck_out_tongue:
Pretty on point and correct except for the RGB thing which is just a little bit unclear as stated in the video.
Absolutely no regrets on my input regarding this hands on, although it came with minor doubts, good stuff! :slight_smile:


We’re trending up in the tech world people. We’re trending.


Yes, nice review

And thank you for the commitment to “pull the waiting band aid” off quickly. - I would expect the supplier got the news - they dont want to be stuck with a pile of rejected screens

Oh yes hopefully very good news. I could see yesterday the new SP and Surface Laptop in Berlin. It was already impressive, especially the new pen and the keyboard. Great feeling. But only the missing ports, I do not know what MS has thought there … I’m waiting for my V and looking forward more and more.


Haha! Just came on here to post that very video. Nice job @rizen! Also, Dave gave a really great summary. :thumbsup: Super exciting stuff!

So, I guess this is the guy? :grin:

Nice (and cautious) “no-review”.


Yup xD Dave was the ‘opinion leader’ :slight_smile:

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Official confirmation - yep, Dave2D was the opinion leader :slight_smile:

Since he was a pretty big youtuber (and honestly someone that I did not have on my radar but he makes great content after watching like 1h of his stuff after the impressions he did) we did decide not to mention his name to have it fair :slight_smile:


So his comment about the eGPU through thunderbolt really got me interested in the eve V even more.

Would this just plug into any eGPU and work? Looking for a portable laptop/tablet I can plug into an eGPU for faster lightroom, photoshop and gaming experiences

As far as I know (I’ve not got a eGPU unfortunately to test) you just plug in the eGPU, install drivers and that’s it - but I’ll ping @larseisberg and @rathed since they’ve actually got an eGPU and had a prototype to test the eGPU performance of it :slight_smile:

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Didn’t think that it would be Dave2D, I watch that guy very often and his content is pretty great.

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The egpu i tested was the powercolor devilbox and this worked out of the box. Plug in the egpu enclosure, then installing the video drivers of your graphic card and ready.

i tested it also on an asus tablet, and there i had to update the intel thunderbolt3 driver because of an non updated windows 10 built.

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There were two threads on the same video. Since @Konstantinos posted it an hour or two before @rizen did, I’ve merged the latter thread into the former.