Grant's Personal Livestream - Beta Test

Hey, guys!

Thank you so much for your support! I streamed at a pretty tricky time in the day for many of you to follow; still, you came to join live and watched the replay.

Shout out to Dietmar, who chatted with me in the stream. We shared our opinions about OSD items such as the input signal indicator positioning and how this may allow the OSD menu to be activated while the indicator is showing. I had a meeting with the firmware team immediately after the stream, in which I discussed the inconvenience of not being able to activate the OSD menu while the indicator is on the screen. The solution we settled on was to make the OSD menu able to be summoned regardless of the indicator’s presence.

Also, shout out to the guys who asked Javi to let me know your valuable suggestions about PS5’s 120Hz behavior and free test games. This helped to solve my puzzle left from the stream, and inspired my future content.

There was a disconnection during the stream, which is why part 01 suddenly ended. After that, I went live again via the same method (OBS). One day after, I realized that the original link only went to the ended stream, and nobody could technically join part 02 while it was live. Possibly sharing an updated link after a connection drop is a way to let the stream be viewed live again. At the moment, I only use the webcam on my M1 MacBook. In the current stage, I would like to focus on making the stream working while exploring a wide variety of content. Later, I’ll look into investing in some more powerful equipment. Feel free to shoot content ideas my way!

For this beta test, I choose to stream composing a topic for reporting progress on Spectrum packaging. This will involve me putting up a skeleton for the post, picking all the target pictures, fulfilling the details, and editing the images. I’m looking forward to making the topic fledged from the ground up together with you!

Estimated time: GMT+8 12:00-2:00 p.m. 29 Apr 2021

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