GPU Advice for Dual Eve Spectrum Setup

Got tracking email from DHL saying my monitors are arriving in the land downunder (Straya) next week. Honestly didnt expect it to arrive until end of next year.
Problem is I dont actually have a PC yet so in the process of frankensteining one together, so I need advice from you GPU experts.
What would be the cheapest GPU that could run both monitors at 4k/120hz on displayport 1.4?
Bear in mind Im a povo student on cenno so please dont recommend the obvious RTX3090.
Maybe when I graduate and get a win the lotto or safemoon hits $0.01
So would the GTX 1660 be able to run both monitors at 120hz, as I know it can run 3 monitors at 4k/60hz on DP but if Im running only 2 monitors would it push 4k/120hz?
If not what my next option?
Is there even an integrated motherboard option?
Cheers cobbers.


IMO, if you’re talking about general desktop use, anything from AMD or nVidia from the last two or three generations should be fine. If you’re talking about driving 2x4K/120Hz gaming at reasonable frame rates, no such product exists. (RX 6900 XT and RTX 3090 could drive one in gaming scenarios.)

I’m guessing you would need a GPU with 2 x DisplayPort 1.4 or HDMI 2.1 ports.

If the card is recent enough to have two ports capable of delivering 3840x2160@144, it should be able to drive both at the same time. I’m guessing you need at least something like an RTX 20xx card to drive them, just make sure the ports are there.

In terms of high refresh gaming at that resolution, you will want to have a good card like an RTX 30xx Series card.


Yeah I’m just talking about using the monitors for desktop applications and not for gaming.

So basically to have both monitors on at 4k\120hz to have a million windows opened to do uni work.

When I can afford I’ll get a 3 series but for now I just need recommendations for either AMD OR nVIDIA models to run these monitors at 4K\120hz for everyday use.


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I believe most GTX 1660 cards has DisplayPort 1.4 which should be enough to drive the monitors, you just need to make sure whatever card you look at has 2 x DisplayPort 1.4 or HDMI 2.1.

Do U know if the 1660 will drive both monitors at 120hz as opposed to 60hz.
I’ve seen some specs where max rez was 4K\60hz if U use all 3 DP slots.
I kno the 1660 can drive 1 of the monitors at 4K\20hz but can’t find info on the max rez for 2 monitors.

Just checked the official specs on the GTX 1660 from NVIDIA and it’s states that the GPU has a maximum digital resolution of 7680x4320@120Hz.

Two monitors at 3840x2160@120hz is exactly the maximum that card can support, so I’m fairly sure a GTX 1660 will do what you want.