[got the new keyboard] V Review was it worth the wait?

[Keyboard Update, Video added]

Hi folks, since a few days I have the tablet (m3 version) now and to answer the question of the topic immediately yes it was worth it, i got a new keyboard the first one was faulty, now is everything fine again!!!

Display: simply top, bright enough no matter for which of my usage scenarios so far I am very satisfied. no pixel errors, so far no display cracks. thumbs up for the choice! 10/10

Touch screen, pen and input: it always reacts well to my input, no matter if I use a finger or a pen, only the palm reaction is a bit bitchy (I’m not too annoyed by it yet. When drawing I probably recommend to wear artist’s gloves, I don’t have any yet and therefore I try to arrange it first.
Since I have only painted on an SP Pro4 and an acer switch 3 for a short time so far - I can only say I’m fine with it. But I need even more time and practice because it is different than on paper. One of my first attempts on the V buds%40work 8/10

Keyboard and trackpad:[Update 07.05.2018] the new keyboard has arrived well packed and seems to have no defect - phew. hope it stays that way now. Compared to the other one, the trackpad is much more sensitive so that now even lightest touches are enough to trigger a mouse click without pressing the trackpad. which I personally think is very good. i haven’t tested the bluetooth mode yet, but will do so later when the keyboard battery is fully charged. after it felt like it took forever until the eve support answered, i am now very conciliatory again. Thanks to the support!
kind regards pavl

[Update 04.05.2018] Yeah the support answered. They’ll send me a new keyboard. I’m calmed down now! Thanks to the support even if it took longer, hope you get enhancement soon;)

[Update 30.04.2018]
My Keyboard is faulty, when connected to the tablet i got the auto rotation popup you can see in the video. I contacted support, send videos to them but no response since 14 days. I waited to update the topic here to let them a chance to answer. I´m worry about the support. The bluetooth works still fine but i cant use it in laptop mode!

[Original post]
(there is nothing to complain about! Bluetooth capability is not just a nice gimmick no it’s just super useful for my purposes. don’t want to miss it anymore. The keyboard backlight is a nice to have feature for me.) 8/10

Speed: The V replaces an 8-year-old Acer subnotebook. The m3 processor is fast enough for my purposes. It reacts quickly to input, programs start quickly. I paint with it, use it to watch videos, surf the internet (firefox), also with a lot of tabs (20+), maybe I play a bit more but probably no AAA games. For real games I use my desktop. And right now the external graphics docks are just too expensive. 9/10

Battery: Wow the battery lasts a long time, I haven’t run any tests yet but I think I can easily reach 8+ hours. Display mostly at second brightness level wlan always on with Bluetooth keyboard writing, painted several hours, YouTube, watched netflix, meets my expectations. 10/10

Speakers: much better than my old laptop (bad comparison), yes the windows sounds are distorted but only at high volume I find them absolutely fine and more than sufficient for movies and spotify music. But my expectations were not very high, on the one hand because where should bombastically good sound come from and reports through the forums. Our music (I would recommend with good headphones or speakers :-). I haven’t tested the headphone jack yet. 8/10

Design/finishing: on the many photos and videos already an absolutely chic device it is simply even more beautiful in reality, who buys it because of the design does nothing wrong, For finishing there is not much to expose the V feels very valuable to a real hand flatterer.
USB C port and thunderbolt port charge the V reliably. The upper port does not lock like the lower port, but despite moving back and forth, the loading process has not been interrupted. The SD card reader works without problems and recognizes my 64GB sd card from san disk. The kickstand makes a good impression not too loose not too tight.
After two days I noticed two really very small spots on the paint, which I can’t explain. either they were already there or they… no idea where that comes from… it has never been out of the apartment, it has not been touched rudely, but in the whole package it does not stand out. I showed it to my girlfriend and she looked at me stupidly ;D “what’s your problem?” 9/10

Accessories: charger with cable eu plug and two plugs for the rest of the world. And the already much discussed display foil (I haven’t tried it yet). Unfortunately the Magnetic sleeve was still missing in the package -so far no answer from support! For this I have 3 pen tips, which I could use a sticker- everyone loves sticker- and a bag without handle and strap- thanks eve but what should I use it for? :smiley: 7/10

Question: Hey Pavl would you buy it again?
Answer: Yes I would do that .

Preliminary result: 8/10


Some positiv Feedback. that’s good. There is so much negativity in some threads in this forum. That sometimes I think it would as a bad decision to order the V instead of a surface Pro with i5 and 8gb ram.

So now I am waiting for my V till end of march.
Knowing that the V will be a good replacement for my Chromebook.


Due to the negative threads I was also very much afraid that my ivie has some serious problems. With the consequence that I treated it at the beginning like a raw egg. I slowly become more courageous and as soon as my mozo sleeve is there it goes on the first “outdoor use”.


In fact there is much more motivation to post a ‘my v does not work as I think it should’ than ‘I like my V’.
But, when counting the total amount of complainers (not complaints) the picture becomes quite less overwhelming.
Wickedly has posted somewhere an oversight of the existing complaints (forgot where, sorry).


This may be what you’re referring to AML… though it’s hardly anywhere near a complete list. I don’t want to hog this Topic with such things though as it’s somewhat off-topic.


You found it, great!:grin:

Welcome to the ranks!

Dont feel left out, you’re actually experiencing exactly what a lot of other people have made a big fuss about:

you simply have managed to keep a calm tit. have a cookie. :cookie:


Cookies pavl loves cookies.
No plan if I calm a tit. The palm response is a windows problem and not V specific, right?
I already have high demands on technical devices and if my charging process would abort constantly then I would also be annoyed or if every sound would be totally distorted but this is not so.

Only the missing sleeve pisses me off but I’d rather bother my girlfriend than cry here in the community :wink:


I added an update in the original first post.

Yeah. I seriously beleive i think i have the same problem too.:persevere: it also been over 14 days since the last reply.

The original post: are you referring to your first one in this post?

There’s a workaround for this. Go into device manager and disable one of the sensors - it’s either the gyro or the accelerometer. That will get rid of that craziness by disabling autorotate altogether.

Although now that I think about it, it shouldn’t be too difficult to write a script to disable the sensor when the keyboard is attached and re-enable it when the keyboard is detached.

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Yeah i know this stops the pop up but the keyboard is still connect disconnect and then i cant use the taskbar preview… you can see here in video

I’m contacting support because I have the same issue too.

Oh hahaha I checked my messages and you were the guy with the problem that I originally suggested that solution to. Lol.

I was wondering who the other person I suggested this to was.

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An update added (first post). Eve will send me a new keyboard. Hope it will be fine.

Do you need to send your old keyboard back to eve?

They will send me a return waybill, after i got the new one. The new one’s probably coming tomorrow.

keyboard part updated in first post - everything is fine - atm. greets pavl


Hi, how long did support take to send you the return waybill? I’ve waited for a long time yet they never send me anything. I’m starting to lose faith.