Google currency conversion rates attached to a MasterCard!

I downloaded this fantastic app called Revolut. It’s kind of like PayPal but more visceral. They can even send you out a physical card or you can just have a digital one. I use it for whenever I go to England. I top it up with euro from my Irish bank account. Convert it into GBP in the app. And the card contains GBP then. So I just tap my card with the RFID and pay for everything that way.

The PERK of Revolut is they give the same exchange rate that Google search gives. No fees (under a certain amount). I saw some people complaining about conversions to dollars etc when buying on IGG and this might help some people for when the store opens :grin:


cool! is it accepted everywhere? like a credit card or debit?

It’s a MasterCard (and it’s only debit. Have to top it up to spend. They give no credit). So anywhere that takes MasterCard should accept it :grin:.

Imagine having a digital or physical card attached to your PayPal account with free currency conversions. That’s the best analogy I can think of.


Just as an update to this. I now use this for all my online purchases. I transfer euro (my currency) onto the card and then using the app on my phone I convert to whatever currency I’m spending online. I’m thoroughly enjoying the wee savings I’ve made via not using bank conversion rates!

It also makes my trips to England far more transparent. When the card is charged it intuitively looks for the currency you’re attempting to spend.

I use Curve card. It’s very good. The app works by adding you personal card to it and then you can use the physical Curve card. You can add as many cards than you wish on it. With the app you can also select the card it uses and what currency it will use.

Interesting. And when you select what currency does it process the charge of conversion for you or does it just instruct the bank?? I have like 6 cards. I would love one card I could store them all in.

If I remember right the Curve will do the conversion. They mostly have lower rates than your bank.

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