Good display, dead monitor USB hub, bad support experiences

I am so sorry the customer service you experienced was poor as this is not something you should expect or deserve! Please send me your email or order ID and I will make sure it gets taken care of!

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Well, at least you still get answers from the team.
This is such a great monitor - if it would just work.

Mine got repaired, but it is not calibrated now - so more like a mostly repaired - and they don’t seem to bother.
The service center didn’t even set the S/N on the new board.

Hey Aethel,

I sent you everything that you asked, but still got no answers…
What’s happening ? Are you really willing to take care of my problem or do you just want to let the people who are passing by think that you are really taking care of problem

Please be honest and transparent, and stop this nightmare


@Aethel never answer to me on private messages
Finally getting attention from you guys was yet another scam.
This brand is a scam, the support is a scam, this was just a huge mistake to invest in an unknown brand and a community crowd built product.
You are doing a huge disservice to all crowdfunding and small communities by destroying the little trust we can have for you. …
I’m so disgusted by your company and how you scam people.
Shame on you.

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I agree! 5 emails to “support” and no response. Appropriate name change to Dough considering that is all they are after. I am just taking this as a $900 loss and getting an Asus.

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This week when I started my PC, I was met with this nasty surprise.

A colored stripe appears on the left side of my Spectrum 4K.

The website to process the guarantee does not work.

What solution can you give me?
WhatsApp Image 2023-03-07 at 12.57.06 (2)
WhatsApp Image 2023-03-07 at 12.57.06 (1)
WhatsApp Image 2023-03-07 at 12.57.06

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Support is not responding.

The warranty page does not work.

Can’t sign in with google.

I can’t create my own post.

It seems that everything is failing in Dough

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