Good display, dead monitor USB hub, bad support experiences

I figured this would be a pretty good place to post my experiences with the Spectrum monitor in the approaching-a-year that I’ve had it, with a focus on the recent troubles I’ve been having over the last month.

I received my monitor in November of 2021. When I first got the device, I thought it was a sleek monitor with a phenomenal panel, a good stand, fantastic IO, and terribly buggy firmware. HDR and FreeSync/GSync were effectively non-functional.

As time has gone by, the firmware has steadily improved in quality. As of Firmware Version 106, which appears to be the last that my monitor will ever be able to receive, the display itself is pretty fantastic and I’d have zero qualms recommending the display itself if not for all the issues. HDR, FreeSync, and GSync all work phenomenally, and the monitor has a number of pretty great built-in features like a realtime framerate display and crosshair that can be toggled without even popping into a menu. Good stuff!

Unfortunately, my experiences with support, and the longevity of the hardware, haven’t been great.

Back in June, the USB hub on my monitor seems to have randomly died. To this day, it remains entirely non-functional – multiple factory resets, full power cycles by unplugging everything from the monitor, trying every possible input and output combination and toggling every setting, the hardware appears to be just entirely dead. No data, no power, no video. Nothing.

For the sake of transparency, I did upgrade the monitor’s display firmware (to v106) and USB firmware (to 17.02) toward the beginning of June as Eve recommended that it would correct some issues with the new macs, but the monitor had been turned on and off many times, and used extremely frequently, in the duration between the firmware updates happening and the USB ports suddenly going entirely non-functional.

I contacted Dough (Eve at the time) on June 24th. They responded 10 days later on July 4th – which seemed fair, their support page warns of delays. They requested more information, and I provided it within 24 hours. They also asked me to flash the USB firmware, which I was unable to do, as the USB ports are entirely non-functional and do not show up within the updater.

They followed up 4 days later, on July 8th. Fair response time! Unfortunately, this response placed me with another representative, who asked for all of the same information I had already provided from a generic template that greeted me with “Hi Customer”. Much of the information requested was pretty irrelevant to the issue I was having (they wanted my GPU driver version, for example), but I provided it anyway, again, within 24 hours.

That was the last I heard from support. I waited two weeks before sending a follow-up to check if there was any movement happening, which now, two weeks later, has still not received a response.

I’m not really sure of what else to do, other than to post here. It’s been well over a month since a core part of my display that I had relied on pretty heavily stopped working, and nearly a month since support entirely stopped responding to me. Even if they were to suddenly get back to me tomorrow, we still haven’t gotten past the very initial phase of “describe your problem and your setup so we can debug further” owing to being handed off to another representative.

I’ve had to buy hardware in the interim to handle the same functionality the monitor’s hub used to provide for me, but it would be very nice to have a fully working product, or at least any kind of support, given that the thing was roughly a thousand dollars and is less than a year old. At the very least, it’d be great to be able to update to firmware v107 for PS5 VRR support.


Hate to say it but you’re better off saving and getting an alternative monitor from a reputable brand. A glance at others experience with support shows you could be waiting months for a resolution, if you ever get one.

And if hardware is already failing who knows how long the monitor will keep functioning for :frowning:

I’m having to do the same. Endless issues with mine that only seem to be getting worse. Starting to save up now for something else. Absolutely gutted after spending so much on this thing.

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Hey @Baha

If you have not already received a response from support please send me your ticket ID or email used for your order in a DM and I will have that looked into immediately. This could have been being handled by a past agent, why it would have switched to a different support agent. Nevertheless there is no excuse for the delay in resolving your issue. If need be please reach out via DM with the requested information and I will get this situated for you.

What issues are you experiencing? If you have already created a ticket with support please DM me your email or ticket ID and I will look into it from there.

I apologize for the experience you both have had this far as this is not what you should expect or deserve! I will do what I can to resolve your issue so you can get back to enjoying Spectrum!

I tried to make a post outlining all the issues and it was never approved.

I guess Eve/Dough want to hide all the problems and critical experiences with Spectrum.

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Hi there,

There hasn’t been any disapproved post from your account. Can you please explain exactly what issues you are experiencing?

Hasn’t been approved either. Don’t try spin it.

Monitor blacks out randomly for a few seconds both PC and Mac. Completely stops working on Mac at random, requiring unplug and plug back in. Frequently doesn’t wake from sleep on Mac. Doesn’t retain my settings between power cycles. Won’t let me switch between saved presets (screen goes blank and I have to power cycle, after power cycle it’s gone back to default settings).

Right now the power button isn’t even turning the monitor off and it won’t wake from sleep, so I’m going to once again pull the plug out of the back and plug it back it to fix it.

I’m on all latest firmware. Issues on both MacOS (M1) and Windows 10.

Worst monitor software I’ve ever owned and I have zero faith in the companies ability to issue a replacement or refund after seeing others stories.

Hi there,

We are not trying to spin anything. There is simply no post being disapproved from your account.

What kind of connection do you have currently, and do you have both devices connected to the monitor simultaneously?

Yeah but it also hasn’t been approved, hence it hasn’t shown up. And seeing as I posted it approximately a month ago that certainly seems like the same thing as “disapproving” my post.

USB-C for Mac, DisplayPort for PC. Yes.

Posts typically don’t need to be approved to show up. For a newer member of the forums (like yourself), the only reason it might need approval is if you’ve included links off-site. It’s a protection measure against spam.

On the macOS side of things, a few people have reported issues in the past. It appears that the upgrade to Ventura may make things worse. The reasons behind this are somewhat unknown at the moment.

One thing you can try (if you haven’t already) is to switch between USB firmware versions. The downloads page has firmware version 17.02 and 19.02 available. If you want to switch between versions, you’ll need to uninstall the current version of the tool before installing the new version.

I recommend trying the 19.02 version first, then downgrading to 17.02 if that doesn’t work.

On the Windows side, what graphics card are you using? The graphics chip being used (e.g. Nvidia RTX 3080) is the most important bit of information, but the exact card brand and model can sometimes be useful.

The one thing I can suggest here is giving the v107 T1117 test firmware a go. It does fix a few issues and has been stable for me over the last few months, but your mileage may vary.

The issue with settings not saving sounds like it could be a bad firmware flash. After running the firmware tool and power cycling the display, there are 4 stages that the Spectrum goes through: (1) verifying the update file; (2) flashing the update; (3) verifying that the flash was successful; (4) success. These stages are indicated by the power LED colour during the flashing process.

Unless you get to stage 4, some part of the firmware failed to write correctly. The impact this has on your Spectrum depends on how it failed. A minor failure might only impact small bits of functionality.

If it’s possible that this happened to you, please note that you can’t just re-run the firmware tool with the same firmware version. The Spectrum won’t pick up that the firmware has changed and won’t re-do the flashing process. You’ll need to flash an older firmware version (I recommend v104) first, then re-flash the newer version.

You’re right that none of this should be needed. The monitor should just work out of the box (like pretty much every other monitor does), and firmware updates should happen flawlessly. However, this is Dough’s first monitor and they’ve run into a number of issues (much of it related to the fact that firmware is significantly controlled by the company that makes the scaler chip). Any v1 product is bound to run into a lot of issues.

I’m only a “new member” because Dough broke the Twitter login and I couldn’t access my old account.

I’m 99% sure I didn’t include links and if I did they would’ve been relevant so it should have been approved by now.

Seems like they simply don’t want to approve my “user experience” post because my experience has been terrible.

Yeah nah this is exactly what I tried to say in my “not disapproved but also not approved” post. I’m not a tester, I didn’t pay a thousand bucks for the privilege of beta testing their terrible product.

V1 products have some issues, but the multitude of issues users experience with Eve show this business was obvious not ready to launch anything. And the abysmal customer support only makes it worse.

Keep in mind that it’s a monitor. Not truly a V1 product because monitors have existed for decades. There’s no excuse for this, it’s not like they created a new product category.

I mean how bad is it that you don’t even work for them yet I see you on almost every post I read offering more helpful advice than their own customer support people? They should start paying you mate.

And it would all be easier to accept if it felt like things got fixed when they went wrong. But I know if this monitor fails one day there’s no chance I’ll ever get a warranty claim processed. Or if I do it’ll take 6 months to happen.

These kind of bugs are things you’d accept in the first few months. I’ve had my screen for over a year and nothings really changed.

As I said before, there’s nothing for them to approve. It’s either immediately posted, or it’s held for moderation because it looks spammy. It doesn’t sound like your post would have been held this way.

I don’t know what forum system Dough are using and whether it keeps a record of any posts of yours that may have been deleted. Some of the moderators have had an itchy trigger finger before when harsh things were said about Dough, but that’s cooled down a lot. You either have to be really offensive or pushing people to take certain types of actions.

While monitors aren’t exactly a new field, I can certainly understand why Dough had so many troubles.

I would guess that the majority of monitors are made by a relatively small number of companies. These companies then provide reference designs and manufacturing capabilities for other companies. You end up with a lot of monitors that may look different, but which have relatively similar specs and capabilities.

Dough decided that they wanted to be leading edge, rather than just another one of the pack. They’ve partnered with a scaler chip maker who it seems hasn’t produced a new model chip in quite some time. In theory, this means that they can create something new and different and they can stand out from the pack. In reality, creating their own path means solving a bunch of problems that most of the industry solved ages ago.

Unfortunately, this means that we (Dough’s customers) are literally on the bleeding edge and we’re seeing far more bugs than you would be going with a more-established brand. It’s a risk you take when buying an unproven product from an unproven brand. For some of us, that risk is paying off; but not everyone is so lucky.

I believe in the maxim “be the change you want to see”. I’m showing Dough what they should be doing for their customers, even though I’m just a customer myself.

Dough did actually ask me a while back if I wanted to join their team, but I turned down the offer. It’s been 20 years since I last did customer support. If they wanted a new CTO then that would be more my level.

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Bro it literally told me “Your post will need to be approved by moderators”

Ehhh sort of, but they sourced their panels from an extremely reputable brand to give off the impression that this wasn’t a risk because it wasn’t necessarily “unproven”.

And honestly, this would all be more palatable if they:

a) had decent customer service. Doesn’t matter if the product is a brand new category that nobodies ever done before, your customer service needs to be top notch. In fact some would argue it should be better than most because you will be dealing with these issues. To go by your own logic, they should have expected to be fielding more queries and follow up on more warranty claims, and been over-prepared to handle it. They’ve done the complete opposite. So not only are we having issues with the screen, but there’s no confidence that Dough/Eve will do anything to help in worst case scenarios.

b) get the basics right. Their shipping is still appalling. They still treat their customers poorly. They’re not fulfilling orders while at the same time sending out free review models and advertising “NOW IN STOCK” on their social channels to try and win new customers. They did an entire rebrand instead of focusing in on getting the product right first.

It’s all of this stuff + more combined that makes the whole experience ridiculous.

If your post was flagged for moderation then it clearly broke some automated rule in the forum software. It could have been certain choices of language or phrasing. I have no idea how Dough have got this forum software configured, or why your post isn’t showing as disallowed in their moderation system.

The panel is a big part of the monitor, but it is only one part. It shouldn’t be surprising that there are a lot of other electronics in use behind that panel.

I think we all expected the Spectrum to be more stable than it is. However, if anyone thought that the Spectrum would be a perfect product just because of the panel being used, it’s fair to say that they were being a bit unrealistic. It’s a bit like expecting a Lotus Elise to be a rock solid car because it uses a Toyota Corolla engine, and then being surprised when the suspension is bad and the roof leaks.

Totally agree with you here. There’s no good reason for Dough’s customer support team (and associated processes) to be as bad as they are. If customer support was actually responsive, and order cancellations / refunds / repairs were done in a timely manner, people would be far more forgiving of the product not meeting expectations.

Yeah it couldn’t possibly be that they have it set to flag posts they deem too negative :joy: it’s likely because I’m encouraging people not to buy their shoddy monitor and get something else instead.

Did I say I expected perfect? No.

Do I expect usable? Yes.

Did I expect to be essentially beta testing their broken software for over 12 months? No

Do I expect the basics to work, especially after 12 months? Yes

All fairly reasonable expectations.

If I purchased a car that didn’t have basic, done a billion times before features working like suspension and roof actually doing the job of a roof, I would also be annoyed. Because it’s easy to get things that have been done a billion times by other companies right if you’re half capable.

You’re putting words in my mouth champ. I didn’t say it should be perfect. But there are many basic things here that are simply broken even over 12 months later, and that’s annoying.

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It’s nice to see that the issues I’ve had are not unique over the past year. While you’re advice WOULD be super helpful it is underscored by the fact OP said he cant get the USB hub to recognize at all. How are they supposed to flash something when the hub isn’t recognized?

I have 2 monitors on the 104 firmware. Both screens will flash black for about 3 seconds and then flash back on at random times (not simultaneously). This happened both with the shipped firmware and the updated firmware. I remember I had a ton of difficulty getting the USB hub to recognize last time as well. now I cant get them to recognize on either monitor again. Ive tried both the monitors USB-C to Type A on PC and Type A to USB-C PC. Meanwhile, no problem with the cords/slots on my pc detecting my phone. I had thunderbolt turned on and off and still no go.

This isn’t a user issue. Its a hardware/firmware issue that hasn’t been addressed and we cant update. The only thing I haven’t tried is USB-A to USB-A. Going to have to brows the forums more.

My comments around things to try were more aimed at FrostyFox than at Baha. Discussions threads often deviate from what was originally talked about. Reddit-like comment threads would make that more obvious.

With regards to connecting the Spectrum to a computer, there are 2 ports that allow the Spectrum to act as a USB hub: the type B and type C ports on the bottom edge of the monitor, just along from where the power plugs in.

If you’re talking about trying a type A to type A cable, it sounds like you’re plugging things into the ports on the left side of the Spectrum. You cannot use these ports to establish a USB connection to your computer. They’re designed for USB peripherals only, e.g. a mouse and keyboard.

If anyone is having issues with the USB connection, I would strongly suggest using a USB 3.0 type B cable (Amazon US, Amazon EU) to connect to your computer. There’s only 1 place it’ll fit into the Spectrum, and it’s only carrying USB data (nothing else) so there’s not much to go wrong.

Hello there !

I had almost the same experience with the support, it was more than a hassle, I had to contact them many times to get answers; finally, they gave me the support postal address to send back my screen.

They told me that they were going to pay me back the postal fees, and I finally got back my screen without any word to tell me what was repaired or what was wrong, I still have the same issue (the screen is blinking and is unusable), nothing got me refunded as asked (not the fees nor the screen).

Worst expense and experience ever. At a point, I don’t even think that I could get a functional screen and just want my money back…

And Dough team, if you still want to know what’s wrong with my screen, just watch this video.

or this one :

Please do something right Dough team !