Glossy Spectrum First Impressions

Welcome to the Glossy Side

Hi there community!

As you all know, we’ve shipped the early glossy units from our first mass production run. Some of you may have seen those glossy units in action from our community members. In this topic, we’d like to share with you the early impressions and photos from the owners of the first-ever glossy gaming monitor.

Also, we now have a dedicated section for the Spectrum 4K glossy (ES07DC9), so feel free to share your experiences and feedback with the Dough team and the community. We’d love to receive your setup photos and feedback!

Without further ado, scroll below to read from our community members and first-ever owners of the glossy Spectrum monitors.

To everyone who just received their glossy Spectrum, we love to see more photos and hear your feedback! Don’t forget to use our dedicated sections for product discussions.

If you’ve ordered a Spectrum 4K glossy monitor, please feel free to check the development status here. The QC check has finished and we’re working to improve the yield results to resume the next mass production.

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One of these is glossy one is not, can you tell which is which?

and the receipts:

maybe there’s a film I have to take off? I haven’t been able to find it. It looks like they sent me a matte screen in a glossy box.

Hey there,

I’m sorry that you are receiving wrong unit compared to what you actually purchased.

Please don’t take any film off. Clearly there’s been a mistake with the packaging and the content. I have brought this to the team’s attention.